100 Agronomy Questions Most Important for Agriculture Competitive Exams

Agronomy Questions


Q1. Verticle farming mostly implemented for?

Ans.Coffee gardening.

Q.2.Slop for machenical measures of soil conservation?

Ans.2%(more than 2%).

Q.3.Slop for counter farming?


Q.4.what is depth for sub. Soilling?

Ans.30 -60 cm (breaking of hard pense of soil by sub soiler).

Q.5.Granded budning is recommended where rainfall is?

Ans. >800mm (for clay<800mm).

Q.6.Slope for grade banding?


Q.7.BBF system suitable for ?

Ans.Black soil.

Q.8.Slope for bench traccing?


Q.9.Zing traccing’s slope should be?


Q.10.Jute & phalsa belong to which family?




Q.12.Examples of augmentic crops are?

Ans.(1).Japaneas mustard with barseem. (2).Chinise cabbage with mustand.

Q.13.Classity the crop which reduce inoculum of soil boren harmfull bio agents such as weed & pest is comes under?

Ans.Break crops. Eg.-(egume in rice – what systam).

Q.14.Classifying of crop which is short duration,fast harve stable & which cultivated when main crop is failed?

Ans.Catch crop.

Q.15.Example of cleaning crop?

Ans.Potato & maize

Q.16.Classifying the crop which cimpete each other,give the example of?

Ans.Cereal (is not suitable for intercropping).

Q.17. maize and cucurbit is example of?

Ans. Supplementry crop(neither competate nor complemently/benefits).

Q.18.Classitying crop which allow the pnfestation of weed?

Ans.Fouling crops(direct sowing of upland rice).

Q.19.Barseem + mustard example of?

Ans.Ley crops.

Q.20.Classify the crop which suitable for dry land farming?

Ans. Paired row cropping.

Q.21.Example of ware crop?

Ans. Potato.

Q.22. Paira is called in?

Ans. Bihar.

Q.23. Utera is called in?

Ans. M.P.

Q.24. No. of Chromosome in rice?

Ans. 2n=24.

Q.25. Time of rice for autumn/aus sowin?

Ans. Pre mansoon to august-september.

Q.26. Time of rice for aman sowing?

Ans. Harvest in winter.

Q.27. Boro summer – Jan. to may.

Q.28. Rice is an important crop of the world which have 24 species which in cultivated species is?

Ans. 2(O.sativa & O.glabarium.)

Q.29. High nitrogen responsive species of rice ios?

Ans. Japonica.

Q.30. Wild species of rice is?

Ans. Javonica.

Q.31.African rice spp. ?

Ans. O. glabarima.

Q.32.Hulling % of rice ?


Q.33.Test weigh of rice?

Ans.25 gm.

Q.34.TN-1 is the cross of ?

Ans .Dee-gee-woogen*I-geo-Tez.

Q.35.TN-1 variety imported in india by?

Ans .G.V.(1964-65) – 2kg.

Q.36.Crossing of IR-8?

Ans .TN-1*Peta.

Q.37.Crossing of Jaya?


Q.38. Micral rice?

Q.39.Crossing of padma?

Ans. T.141*TN-1.

Q.40.Mutant variety of rice?

Ans.Jagannata(from T141).

Q.41.First dwarf high yielding variety of paddy is?

Ans.pusa basmti.

Q.42.Deep water rice vari.?

Ans.Chakia-59,Madukar,Pant dhan-1&Jaisuriyal.

Q.43.Aromatic rice vari.?

Ans. Sabarmati,Basmatic 370,Karnal local,D.B. .

Q.44.Gaurav of rice vari. Is?

Ans.Non-basmati super rice.

Q.45.Which fertilizer is good for paddy ?

Ans.Ammonium poly peptide > DAP >SSp.

Q.46.Most problem in rice caltivation is?

Ans.Zinc deficiency & toxicity .

Q.47. Solution of Iron toxicity of rice?

Ans.Varietial solution only (Phalguni is tolerance).

Q.48. Zn application for paddy ?

Ans. (1).40kg/ha –Neutral soil. (2).100kg/ha –Sodic –salive soil.

Q.49.Most critical stage for irrigation in paddy ?

Ans.Booting (Total-3).

Q.50. V-shape rice caltivation is given by?

Ans.Matsushima (1967).

Q.51. Seedling is ready in dapog method?

Ans. On 12th days.

Q.52.Seed rate in dapog method?

Ans. 1.5kg m2 (1 m2 =200 m2 of field).

Q.53.Hybnd rice is developed in?


Q.54.Which method in hybnd rice prodh?

Ans. Cytoplasmic male stenlity – fertility restore gene system.

Q.55.Hybnd rice in india?

Ans. 1994.

Q.56 .Yield of rice?

Ans.18.5 q/ha.

Q.57.Highest productivity of rice in?

Ans. Japan (58q/ha). 

Q.58. India is a large ptoducernof rice which grow the rice for condsumotion as well as export. India highly export the rice to which country?

Ans.Thiland > USA (5th possitimin world).

Q.59.Variety of wheat having highest progeny conteut?

Ans. T.durum.

Q.60.Progeny of wheat?

Ans. T.boeticum.

Q.61.Test weight of wheat?


Q.62.Shelling % of wheat?


Q.63.Harvest index of wheat?


Q.64.Grain straw ratio?

Ans.1: 1.5 .

Q.65.Drawfness responsive gene of wheat norine-10 is devloped in maxico in?

Ans.1961-62. (Dr. N.E.Borlog).

Q.66.Other source of wheat dwarfness?

Ans.Tom thumb & olse dwarf.

Q.67.Dwarf wheat (Norine-10) is imported in india in 1963 with 100kg by help of rockfeller foundation,which varietis is?

Ans.Sonara 64 & Harma rajo.

Q.68.Variety of wheat which susceptible to all rust?

Ans.Kalyan sona.

Q.69 Critical stage for wheat?

Ans. (1).CRI (2).CRI + Boot (3).CRI + Boot + milking (4).CRI + Late tillering + Late jointing + Floweing. Total=6 [C+T+J+F+M+D].

Q.70.Classifying of main which is known as primitive type of maize?

Ans.Pod corn.

Q.71. Generally maize is classifying into saven(7) group by Kipps according to grains in 1957. In 7 group highest starch paresent in?

Ans. Waxy corn(like topiaca).

Q.72. Maize is ?

Ans. C4 Plant/ monocious/ protoendry.

Q.73. Hybrid program in maize start in ?

Ans. 1910 with single cross.

Q74.First AICRP (All Indian Crop Reasearch Project) in 1957. Which crop is?

Ans. Maize.

Q.75 High Starch & proteina is a variety of?

Ans. Maize.

Q.76 lycine rich protein variety of maize is due to gene?

Ans. Opeque-2

Q.77. first hybrid variety of sorghum is?

Ans. CSH-1(1964)

Q78. Gene which responsible for hyubrid Bajra is?

Ans. Tift-12 A.

Q.79 first hybrid Bajra is HB-1 Which developed in 1965 which is cross of?

Ans. Tift-23 A * Bil.B.

Q.80 pulses is drived from which language is?

Ans. French (Pottage that’s mean soup/ Dal.)

Q.81 ODAP is nuero toxin which secreted by?

Ans. Lythrus.

Q.82 Parbhat is an early variety of?

Ans. Arahar.

Q.83 Shelling percentage of pea?

Ans. 49%

Q.84 ICPH-8 is a variety of?

Ans. Arahar.

Q.85 Royal commission on Agriculture was come in?

Ans. 1929

Q.86. Who is persident of ICAR ?

Ans. Agriculture minister (mr. Radhamohan singh).

Q.87.Shifting cultivation is mostly practised in ?

Ans. Jharkhand ,MP,Hilly areas .

Q.88. Cropping system ?

Ans.Location specific .

Q.89. Cropping intensity in mono culture system?


Q.90.Cropping intensity of india?


Q.91.Examples of Allelopathy is?

Ans.Sorghum , Sunflower ,Peach ,cucumber, Walnut, & Eucalyptus.

Q.92.Allelopathy is harmfull effect of one crop on another crop/plant. Infect Annidation is?

Ans.Benificial effect.

Q.93. “Idcotypel” term are given by?

Ans.Donald in 1968.

Q.94.Agroclimatic zone in india is fifteen(15) according to planning commission in india. So Agroclimatic Zone in india initiated in the year of?

Ans. 1988.

Q.95 Parameter of rainfall for dry farming & dry land farming & rainfed farming respectively is?

Ans. <750 , 750-1150 , >1150.

Q96. Dry spell & Prolonged is an important constraint (problem ) of?

Ans. Dry Farming.

Q97. Drought is decleared when rainfall is occurring how much percentage of normal rainfall in a year of their particular area?

Ans. 75% (if 50% is severe drought)

Q.98. Agriculture drought is relevant to?

Ans. Soil moisture which not sufficient PET (Plant Evapo transpiration).

Q.99. Example of stomata closing type?

Ans. PMA, Atrazine (low concentration) & ABA.

Q.100 First phase of soil erosion is?

Ans. Splace erosion.

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