2017-19 Advance Est. of Area and Production of Horticulture Crop

Horticulture Crop

Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare releases the 2017-18 Final and 2018-19 1st Advance Est. of Area and Production of Horticulture Crops.

Nation witnesses record production of 311.7 MT Horticulture Crops in 2017-18

3.7% higher than the previous year(2016-17) and 10% higher than past 5 years’ average production.(Horticulture Crop)

All-India Final Estimates: 2017-18 and 2018-19(1st Advance Estimates)vis-a-vis 2016-17:

Total Horticulture 2016-17

Area (Million Ha): 24.85

Production (Million Tonnes): 300.64

2017-18 (Final)

Area (Million Ha): 25.43

Production (Million Tonnes): 311.71

2018-19 (First Adv. Est.)

Area (Million Ha): 25.87
Production (Million Tonnes): 314.67

Highlights for 2017-18(Final Estimates):- (Horticulture Crop)

  • There has been a record production of Horticulture Crops with production during the year 2017-18(Final) reaching 311.7 Million Tonnes which is 3.7% higher than the previous year (2016-17) and 10% higher than the past 5 years’ average production
  • Fruits Production estimated – 97.35 million tonnes which is 4.8% higher than previous year
  • Vegetables Production estimated – 187.5 million tonnes which is about 3.5% higher than the previous year.
  • Potato Production in the year 2017-18 (Final) is estimated at 51.3 Million Tonnes as against 48.6 Million Tonnes in 2016-17 (5.6% higher than 2016-17).

Highlights of 2018-19(First Advance Estimates)(Horticulture Crop)

Total Horticulture production – 314.5 Million Tonnes during 2018-19 (First Adv. Est)

0.95% higher than the 2017-18

Higher than the past 5 years’ average production.

Onion production –

23.62Million Tonnes(2018-19) (1.5% higher than previous year) .

23.26 Million Tonnes in 2017-18

Potato production
In current year is estimated at 52.58Million Tonnes.(6% higher than previous year). 51.31Million Tonnes in 2017-18.

Tomato production
In 2018-19-20.51Million Tonnes as against 19.76Million Tonnes in 2017-18 (2% higher).

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