20th Livestock Census With PDF Important For Afo, Nabard

In this video we have described 20th Livestock Census Important For Afo, Nabard we have described every important point of livestock census Points we have covered Key Results of 20th Livestock Census Livestock Population – Major Species Livestock Population – Major Species During 2007 to 2019 Livestock Population – Major States Poultry Poultry Population 2012 and 2019 Cattle Cattle Population- Breed Group-wise Population Cattle Population – Milch Cattle Breed group-wise – In-Milk, Dry and Milch Cattle Buffalo Buffalo Population – Major States Sheep, Goat, Pig, Camel

Agri Exam Important 10000 Agriculture MCQ

Download PDF:- https://bit.ly/3fb7LPk

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20th Livestock Census With PDF Important For Afo, Nabard :- https://youtu.be/GW0nZKamlr8

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