Agricultural Exports and Imports for Competitive Exam

Agricultural Exports and Imports

Agricultural Exports and Imports

➢ **Share of Agriculture exports in the total exports of the country- 12.28% (fourth largest commodity in terms of exports)

➢ **Share of Agriculture imports in the total imports of the country- 4.09%

➢ *India’s largest exported agricultural commodity in terms of its value- Basmati Rice (Rs.28,598 cr)

➢ Highest exported: Cereals

➢ Highest imported: Edible oil and pulses

➢ Share of India’s Agriculture exports in the world exports – 2.5%

➢ Share of India’s Agriculture Imports in the world Imports – 1.5%

➢ India’s total agricultural exports accounts for- 1.18 lakh crore

➢ India’s total agricultural imports accounts for- 1.51 lakh crore

➢ **India’s top Agricultural Export commodities in terms of value are- Basmati Rice> Buffalo Meat > Non basmati rice> Fresh vegetables> Fresh Fruits

➢ **India’s top Agricultural Imports in terms of value are-
Vegetable oils> Pulses> Fresh fruits> Cashew > Spices

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