Agricultural Meteorology-An Introduction

  • Meteorology is derived from a Greek word “Meteoro” means ‘above the earth’s surface’ (atmosphere) and “logy” means “indicating science”.
  • It is a branch of physics dealing with atmosphere and it is often quoted as the “Physics of the lower atmosphere”.
  • It studies the individual phenomenon of the atmosphere.
  • In other words, it is concerned with the study of the characteristics and behaviour of the atmospheres.
  • It explains and analyses the changes of individual weather elements such as air pressure, temperature and humidity that are brought about due to the effect of insolation (radiation from the sun received by earth’s surface).
  • Agricultural meteorology is a branch of applied meteorology, which investigates the physical conditions of the environment of growing plants or animal organisms. It is an applied science, which deals with the relationship between weather/climatic conditions and agricultural production or it is a science concerned with the application of meteorology to the measurement and analysis of the physical environment in agricultural systems.

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