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Agricultural Related Question For Competitive Examination

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1)Farm yard manure:?
A] Balanced food for plants
B] Recommended for salinity reclamation
C] Tends to make soil acidic
D] Tends to make soil alkaline

2)Elements, which are absorbed from the soil, are known as:?
A] Plant nutrients
B] Plant components
C] Plant feeders
D] Plant supplements

3)Efficiency of applied fertilizers in rice crop is:?
A] 5-50%
B] 10-75%
C] 50-75%
D] 60-90%

4)Diameter of clay particle is:?
A] Less than 0.002 mm
B] 0.05 – 0.5 mm
C] 0.5 – 1.0 mm
D] 0.7 – 0.9 mm

5)Depth of cultivated soils is upto:?
A] 5 cm
B] 15 cm
C] 30 cm
D] 45 cm

6)Denitrification is more in:?
A] Waterlogged soils
B] Well drained soils
C] Heavy soils
D] Light soils

7)Deficiency of Mo in citrus plants results in:?
A] Heart rot
B] Yellow spots
C] Khaira disease
D] All of above

8)Deficiency of iron results in typical interveinal chlorosis in which:?
A] Younger leaves are first affected
B] Intervienal area of the older leaves are first affected
C] Necrotic spots in the interveinal areas develops
D] None of the above

9)DAP requirement for supplying 45 Kg N and 115 kg P2O5 to one-hectare peanut crops:?
A] 100 kg
B] 150 kg
C] 200 kg
D] 250 kg

10)Continuous heavy rainfall leads to the formation of:?
A] Saline soil
B] Sodic soil
C] Acid soil
D] Saline-sodic soil

11)Clay are classified as:?
A] Primary minerals
B] Tertiary minerals
C] Hydrozy minerals
D] Socondary minerals

12)Chlorosis refers to the:?
A] Yellowing of the leaf tissues
B] Burning of the leaf tissues
C] Death of the leaf tissues
D] Development of reddish brown colour on the leaves

13)Chlorosis is observed in upland rice due to deficiency of:?
A] S
B] Fe
C] Zn
D] Mn

14)Capillary movement of water is complemented by:?
A] Stem elongation
B] Root extension
C] Leaf orientation
D] None of these

15)Calcium is essential for?
A] Cell wall formation
B] Meristematic activity in roots
C] Both of these
D] None of these

16)Calcium cynamide contain:?
A] 16 to 18% nitrogen
B] 26 to 28% nitrogen
C] 21 to 26% nitrogen
D] None of the above

17)Calcite, Dolomite and Hornblends are:?
A] Calcium minerals
B] Potassium minerals
C] Sulphur minerals
D] None of these

18)Zn, Fe, Cu, B, Mn and Mo are called micronutrient, because they are:?
A] Nutrients of microscopic significance
B] Nutrients, which produce microscopic effects
C] Nutrients that is required in minute qualities
D] Nutrients required by micro-organisms

19) Buffering capacity of soil means resistance to a change in:?
A] Soil microbial activity
B] Soil acidity
C] Soil pH
D] Base saturation

20)Bone meal is well suited for:?
A] Alkaline soil
B] Neutral soil
C] Acidic soils
D] All of these

21)Blue-green algae grows best in:?
A] Upland rice
B] Jute
C] Lowland rice
D] Sorghum

22)Azospirillum fixes nitrogen mainly in:?
A] Sorghum
B] Cereals
C] Sugarcane
D] Legumes

23)Black soils have amount of lime and P:?
A] High
B] Low
C] Very low
D] Very high

24)Black soils are _ when wet and very hard when dry:?
A] Very hard
B] Very soft
C] Soft
D] Hard

25)Black soils in organic matter and high in bases:?
A] Poor
B] Medium
C] High
D] None of these

26)White irregular spots between veins of upper leaves of maize plant shows deficiency of:?
A] Copper
B] Molybdenum
C] Manganese
D] Boron

27)White irregular spots between veins of upper leaves of maize plant shows deficiency of:?
A] Copper
B] Molybdenum
C] Manganese
D] Boron

28)Black and dark coloured soils absorb _ heat from sublight than light coloured soils:?
A] Less
B] More
C] Negligible
D] Very high

29)Biological nitrogen fixation is:?
A] Aerobic
B] Anaerobic
C] Both (a) & (b)
D] None of the above

30)Bacteria present in the root nodules of legumes plants is:?
A] Clostridium
B] Azospirillum
C] Rizobium
D] Azotobacter

31)Biofertilizer is a:?
A] Mixture of organic matter and microorganism
B] Mixture of inorganic fertilizer and microorganism
C] Culture having the desired strain of microorganisms
D] Decomposed compost enriched with nimeral solubilising bacteria

32) “Hidden hunger” means:?*
A] Deficiency symptoms are seen when the nutrient is deficient
B] Severe yield reduction may occur without appearance of deficiency symptoms
C] The nutrient is not deficient but apparently seems to be deficient
D] Visual deficiency symptoms are suppressed by other elements






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