Agriculture Current Affair 13 January 2023

Amid cases of food poisoning, Kerala eateries to ban non-veg mayonnaise made from raw eggs

Unless pasteurised, raw eggs can harbour salmonella bacteria, which multiply in hot and humid conditions

The Bakers Association of Kerala (BAKE) has decided to ban the use of non-veg mayonnaise from raw eggs in eateries and restaurants. Raw egg mayonnaise will not form part of any side dish either. This follows a directive to the effect issued by the food safety wing of the State government.

The death of three young people in the State in eight months from food poisoning raised a scare. These cases were reported mostly after consuming Arabian mandi-style cooked food and shawarma.

This prompted Rajeev Jayadevan, Co-chairman, National Covid Task Force past-president IMA, to tweet about precautions before taking food from street joints.

Union Bank of India sanctions loan for 150 Garuda Agri Kisan drones

Garuda Aerospace is the first drone company to get the loan sanctioned

Chennai’s drone startup Garuda Aerospace has partnered with the Union Bank of India with 150 Garuda Agri Kisan drones receiving sanction for a loan under the Kisan Pushpak Scheme. The drone loan will help farmers to digitise land record operations for crop production, and spraying of fertilisers, chemicals and pesticides, with the help of drones. The partnership will be useful for lead generation, customer acquisition, sourcing of applications, and due diligence of customers for credit deployment, says a release.

The Agri Infrastructure Fund Scheme will finance 150 drone applications that will benefit the farmer community and create 150 skilled pilots who will engage to become entrepreneurs and improve farmers income, the release said.

Vegoil imports surge 30% during Nov-Dec at 31.11 lakh tonnes

Widening spread between palm oil and soft oils drives imports

Import of vegetable oils, both edible and non-edible oils, during the first two months of the oil year 2022-23 are up 30 per cent at 31.11 lakh tonnes leading to record stocks at the ports at the beginning of the calendar 2023. Imports stood at 24 lakh tonnes (lt) during the first two months of oil year 2021-22.

According to Solvent Extractors’ Association of India (SEA) data, edible oil imports during November-December 2022-23 stood at 30.84 lt (23.55 lt). However, non-edible oil imports were a tad lower at 27,129 tonnes (44,747 tonnes).

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