Agriculture Current Affair 29 December 2022

Basmati, non-basmati rice exports up 7.37 pc in Apr-Oct: Industry data

India’s aromatic basmati and non-basmati rice exports rose 7.37 per cent to 126.97 lakh tonnes during the April-October period of the current fiscal, despite restrictions on the shipments, according to industry data. Exports stood at 118.25 lakh tonnes in the same period during the previous fiscal.

“Despite curbs on exports of some varieties of rice, the overall exports remained strong so far,” said Vijay Sethia, former president at All India Exporters Association.

Out of total exports, basmati rice exports rose to 24.97 lakh tonnes during the April-October period of the 2022-23 fiscal, from 21.59 lakh tonnes in the year-ago period, he told PTI.

Non-basmati rice exports increased to 102 lakh tonnes from 96.66 lakh tonnes during the comparable period, Sethia added.

Blenders’ support boost CTC dust sales in Coonoor tea auctions

Global Tea Auctioneers said the quantity offered in dust sale was 3,39,865 kg and 95 per cent of the offered quantity was sold

Active participation of blenders has generated a good demand for the overall CTC dust sales in Coonoor Tea auctions.

Traders said that strong demand from blenders has resulted in a reasonably good sales percentage in sale 51. The market was more or less steady with slightly showing some easiness. The subdued demand was because of the holiday season, and is expected to recover from mid-January, which is a normal practice throughout the years.

Why Bangla has chosen to buy rice from Indian cooperatives

Singapore’s Agrocorp quotes the lowest price in Dhaka’s latest global tender to import 50,000 t

Bangladesh seems to have more faith in the Indian cooperatives besides opting for the conventional safety-first measure in importing two lakh tonnes (lt) of parboiled rice from India.

Last week, Bangladesh’s External Procurement wing of the Directorate of Food issued a letter of intent (LOI) to NCCF (National Cooperative Consumers Federation of India Ltd) and Kendriya Bhandar (Central Government Employees Consumer Cooperative Society) to buy one lakh tonnes of parboiled rice.

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