Agriculture current Affairs by ICAR May

Agriculture current Affairs


(i) Dr. Trilochan Mohapatra, Secretary, DARE & DG ICAR participated in the joint Bioversity International and International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) Board Meeting during 20-23 May,2019 held in Rome, Italy.

(ii) A joint research project entitled “KISAN MITRA betweem ICAR-Indian Grassland and Fodder Crops Research Institute (IGFRI), Jhansi and International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), Hyderabad approved within the objective of Doubling the farmers’ income in Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh”.

(Agriculture current Affairs)


Varietal Improvement:

(i) Groundnut varieties viz. Dh 256, Girnar-4 (ICGV 15083) and Girnar-5 (ICGV 15090) identified for release.

(ii) Wheat varieties viz. VL Gehun 967, VL Gehun 2014 and VL Gehun 3004; Barley variety VLB 130; VL Maize hybrid 57 of maize, VL Madua 380 of finger millet and VL Soya 89 of soybean notified for release.

(iii) VL Sabji Matar 13 (Early maturity) and VL Sabji Matar 15 (Medium maturity) of garden pea notified for release.

(iv) One finger millet variety VL 378 identified for release.

(Agriculture current Affairs)

Agricultural Biotechnology:

(i) Twohundred sixteen genic-SSRs were validated in kodo millet for use in molecular characterization.

(ii) A comprehensive database, RiceMetaSysB developed for identification of blast and bacterial leaf blight responsive genes in rice using publicly microarray datasets.

(iii) Activation tagging, a protocol for generating functional genetic resources,useful in generating gain of function mutants in potato, standardized.

(iv) CRISPR/Cas9 mediated gene editing technique demonstrated in tomato.

(v) The genes responsible for the biosynthesis of Rotundone, an important aroma compound discovered from black pepper fruit transcriptome.

(vi) Validation of powdery mildew marker in vegetable pea viz. AD-60, scx171400, C5DNAmet, sc-OPD161600 for er-I and er-2 genes acomplished.

(vii) Transformation of Cry1Ac gene in okra by In-planta method was attempted and confirmation of NPT-IIgene in In-Planta transformed okra plant (Cry1Ac gene) with the help of npt II gene specific primers was done.

(viii) Produced ornamental banana hybrids with significantly increased bract colour and pigmented/coloured leaves.

(ix) Gene sequencing for 33 bacterial isolates obtained from outbreak of coli-septicemia completed and confirmed as E. coli, Alcalagenesfecalis and Streptococcus sp. by NCBI blast analysis.

(Agriculture current Affairs)

Conservation of Genetic Resources:

(i) A total ofthree hundred fourtyaccessions added to the National Genebank for Ex-situ germplasm conservation bringing the genebank holdings to a total of 440991 accessions. Additionally, one thousand three hundred sixtyfiveaccessions of regenerated material  was added to long-term conservation.

(ii) Eight hundred and sixty accessions comprising of cereals, oilseeds, grain legumes, fruits and vegetables introduced from nine different countries. The important accessions introduced are landraces of soybean from Japan (978204-978213) and improved cultivars of citrus from South Africa (EC978218-978222).

(iii) A total of nine thousand seven hundred fourty two samples of imported exotic germplasm were processed for quarantine clearance and released to indenters. Pucciniacarthami on Safflower imported from the USA was an important pathogen interception. For export, 297 samples were processed for quarantine clearance and 296 samples were released. Three phytosanitary certificates were also issued.

(Agriculture current Affairs)

Natural Resource Management:

(i) Developed organic farming package of practice of direct seeded basmati rice in furrows and soybean in beds – vegetable pea and mustard with Furrow Irrigated Raised Bed (FIRB) system at Pantnagar (Uttar Pradesh).

(ii) In clayey soil, subsurface drip irrigation and fertigation with 80% recommended dose of fertilizer (RDF) at 7.5 cm below ground level to two-eye budded sugarcane sets in paired row (60:120 cm) resulted in cane yield of 182 t/ha, 36.3% water saving and 20% fertilizer saving compared to recommended practice (3 eye budded sets, surface irrigation at IW:CPE 1.0 and 100% RDF).

(iii) Standardized apple based Horti-agri-pasture system under temperate conditions of Kashmir valley.

(iv) Indian bees, Apiscerana found to be the most important pollinator of broccoli with 8.6, 8.8 and 9.9 bees/ m2/ min in low,mid and high flower densities.

(v) Application of bleaching powder @1% was found effective in managing potato cyst nematode infestation in soil.

(Agriculture current Affairs)

Farm Implements, Machinery and Post – Harvest:

(i) Developed light weight multi-crop thresher for Uttarakhand hills.

(ii) Developed tractor rear offset mounted cotton stalk puller.

(iii) Developed electro-pneumatic spraying system for whitefly control in cotton crop

(iv) Developed protocol for production of bio-oil and removal of moisture.

(v) Developed cotton based smart heating gloves.

(vi) Spray coating of brinjal fruits with chitosan (1%) can be used for prolonging shelf life and reducing post-harvest losses.

(vii) Developed and commercialised PlanktonPlus – a value added product from fish processing wastes for boosting plankton production in aquaculture rearing systems. Plankton serves as natural food for fish and shrimps.

(viii) Developed a new cell line from eye tissue of snowtrout (Schizothoraxrichardsonii) using explant method. It was found suitable for toxicological and gene expression studies.

(Agriculture current Affairs)

Public Outreach:

(i) Frontline demonstrations on oilseed and pulses were taken up all over the country covering an area of 7558.91 ha and involving 21209 farmers.

(ii) Organized 429 field-days with the participation of 9608 farmers and 287 Kisan Goshties/Melas with the participation of 16241 farmers.

(iii) A total 2054 training courses for 36437 farmers, 1015 trainings for 5385 rural youths and 500 trainings for 5413 extension functionaries and in-service personnel were organized in the frontline areas of technology development.

(Agriculture current Affairs)

(iv) In Mera Gaon Mera Gaurav program, 676 scientists visited 593 villages and organized 475 demonstrations benefitting 32894 farmers. A total of 7635.77 quintals of seed and 31.60 lakh planting materials were also distributed to 24026 and 36369 farmers respectively.

(v) During 20 April– 19May, 2019, total 8 agro-advisory bulletins were prepared in Hindi and in English and SMSs were sent to the farmers through Kisan portal. These advisories are sent to IMD for preparation of national bulletins and uploaded on the IMD website ( in both Hindi and English.These advisories and real time weather data along with medium range weather forecast were uploaded on the IARI website (

Application of Space Technology:

(i) A unique satellite data reception centre has been established in the Division of Agricultural Physics. These data are being used for monitoring crop health and drought condition in all the districts of the country. This information is regularly updated in the webportal, which is available to all stakeholders for their own decision making., which is available to all stakeholders for their own decision making.

(Agriculture current Affairs)

Other Major Activities:

(i) AVIMEGH: A digital android based mobile application developed for community-based breeding in Malpura sheep. This will enable instant entry in the database by breeder/shepherd/data enumerator himself/herself.

(ii) Directorate of Cold Water Fisheries (DCFR), Bhimtal established rainbow trout hatchery and raceways at Dzuleke in Kohima district of Nagaland. Inauguration and interaction with farmers was organized under the Chairmanship of Commissioner cum Secretary, Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Govt. of Nagaland on May 13, 2019.

(Agriculture current Affairs)

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