Agriculture Engineering Oneliner Pdf for Competitive Exam


Agriculture Engineering Oneliner

1. A man can develop : 0.1 hp

2. The average force that a bullock can exert: 1/10th of their body weight

3. Medium size bullock can develop: 0.50 to 0.75 hp

4. The thermal efficiency of diesel engine varies between: 32 and 38 per cent

5. The thermal efficiency of petrol engine varies between: 25 and 32 per cent

6. The extra high-speed engines used in knapsack sprayers are powered by: Petrol

7. Broad base terrace is also known as: Drainage type terrace

8. The velocity required to operate wind mill is more than: 10 km ph

9. Bench terracing is also called as: Staircase farming

10. The power produced from a wind speed 6.4 to 37 km ph by windmill varies from : 0.1 to 0.9 hp

11. A ten human power equals to: 1.0 hp

12. A pair of bullock develops power equivalent to: 1.0 hp

13. Two wind mills equivalent to: 1.0 hp

14. The land holding of small farmer is : Less than 4 ha land

15. A marginal farmer has land holding: Between 4 and 10 ha

16. The land holding of large farmer is: More than 10 ha

17. Grassed waterways are used as: Outlets

18. Crop management system reduces the: Detachment of soil particles Transport of soil particles

19. The primary objective of level bench terrace is to: Conserve water and control erosion

20. The low-speed engine runs at speed of: Less than 350 rpm

21. The speed range of medium speed engine is: Between 350 rpm and 1000 rpm

22. The speed of high-speed engine: More than 1000 rpm

23. The single cylinder engine is generally used in: Stationary engine

24. The steam engine is Single stroke engine 25. The two-stroke engine is: Petrol engine


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