Agriculture At Glance PDF Part -1 PDF By App Team

Agriculture At Glance PDF

Topics covered in Agriculture At Glance PDF Part -1

Role of Agriculture in Indian Economy

Types of farming

Cropping Seasons of India Different cropping seasons are discussed.

Factors affecting cropping pattern

Agro-Climate Regions

Crop Productivity: features

Glimpse of Indian Horticulture

All these topics Are Explained In Briefly in this pdf Agriculture At Glance PDF Part -1

Agricultural Sector is the mainstay of the rural Indian economy around which socio-economic privileges and deprivations revolve and any change in its structure is likely to have a corresponding impact on the existing pattern of social equity. (Agriculture At Glance PDF)
Role of Agriculture in Indian Economy
a) The billion-plus-people will continue to depend for their food, as in the past, on agriculture.
b) Because of comparative advantage, India produces the agricultural products cheaply.
c) The variety of agro-climatic regions enable India to produce infinite variety of agricultural products.  (Agriculture At Glance PDF)
d) Agriculture supplies raw materials for different agro-industries like textile, (cotton, woollen, jute or silk) sugar, food processing, vanaspati leather, etc. which dominate the industrial landscape. (Agriculture At Glance PDF)
e) Agriculture creates demand for several industrial products like tractors, pumping sets, threshers, chemical fertilizers, pesticides etc. (Agriculture At Glance PDF)
f) The prosperity of the industrial sector is highly dependent on the productivity in agriculture.

Types of farming

Agriculture At Glance PDF

A. Dryland farming:

• Dry land areas may be characterized by the following features:

a) Uncertain, ill-.distributed and limited annual rainfall.

b) Occurrence of extensive climatic hazards like draught, flood, etc.

c) Undulating soil surface.

d) Occurrence of extensive and large holdings.

e) Practice of extensive agriculture, i.e., prevalence of mono-cropping etc.

• Problems of dry land farming in India:

a) Uncertain and scarce rainfall make the region susceptible to draught and famine.

b) The soil here is sandy which lacks nutrient materials for soil fertility. Besides the area is prone to soil erosion. (Agriculture At Glance PDF)

c) The productivity is low and the crops are more susceptible to pests and diseases.

d) These areas lack basic infrastructural facilities like market, transport, storage, refrigeration, etc., hence farmers do not get remunerative prices.

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