Agriculture MCQ for Competitive Exam

Agriculture MCQ

1. Cider is a product of…?
a) apple✅
b) guava
c) pear
d) plum
Answer a) apple

2. Which of the following is a fermented beverage…?
a) Tari and Perry
b) Cider and Wine
c) Vinegar and Malt
d) All of these✅
Answer d) All of these

3. Marmalade is prepared from….?
a) ripe guava fruits
b) ripe ber fruits
c) citrus fruits✅
d) unripe mango fruits
Answer c) citrus fruits

4. In which of the following industries is the maximum number of women employed inIndia?
(a) Textile
(b) Jute
(c) Tea✅
(d) Coal
Answer – c) Tea

5. Reading of brix hydrometer ranges from….?
a) 0-10
b) 0-15
c) 0-20
d) 0-30✅
Answer d) 0-30

(Agriculture MCQ)

6. Chips are prepared from…?
a) banana
b) potato
c) both (1) and (2)✅
d) either (1) or (2)
Answer c) both (1) and (2)

7. Vitamin C richest fruit is…?
a) aonla
b) barbados cherry✅
c) lemon
d) guava
Answer b) barbados cherry

8. Which of the following is main beverage producing state…?
a) Rajasthan
b) Kerala
c) Himachal Pradesh✅
d) None of these
Answer c) Himachal Pradesh

9. Which of the following sugar is found in grape…?
a) sucrose✅
b) glucose
c) lactose
d) all of these
Answer a) sucrose

10. Father of food processing is…?
a) William Underwood (1817)
b) Thomas Sedington (1807)
c) Nicolas Apart(1810)✅
d) None of these
Answer c) Nicolas Apart(1810)

(Agriculture MCQ)

11. Vegetables are canned in…?
a) brine solution✅
b) sugar solution
c) distilled water
d) all of these
Answer a) brine solution

12. CFTRI is situated at…?
a) New Delhi
b) Lucknow
c) Mysore✅
d) None of these
Answer c) Mysore

13. The best storage temperature for onion is….?
a) 0 dergee celcius
b) 8 degree celcius
c) 10 degree celcius
d) 5 degree celcius✅
Answer d) 5 degree celcius

14. Sweetest sugar in fruit is…?
a) fructose✅
b) sucrose
c) galactose
d) glucose
Answer a) fructose

15. Pigment present in papaya is…?
a) xanthophyll
b) carotine
c) caraxanthin✅
d) all of these
Answer c) caraxanthin

(Agriculture MCQ)

16. Which plant growth regulator is used for ripening…?
a) GA
b) IBA
c) Ethylene✅
d) Cytokinin
Answer c) Ethylene

17. The existence of a gas is vanished at-
A. N.T.P.
B. At any temperature
C. Absolute zero✅
D. 0°C
E. None of the above
Answer – C (Absolute Zero)

18. Fenny is feremented wine made from…?
a) palm
b) cashew apple✅
c) mango
d) apple
Answer b) cashew apple

19. Barley water contain atleast how much percent of fruit juice….?
a) 25%✅
b) 30%
c) 75%
d) 45%
Answer a) 25%

20. Full form of PACS….?
a) Price Agriculture Commission Society
b) Plan for Agriculture Crop loan Scheme
c) Primary Agricultural Co-operative Society✅
d) None of these
Answer c) Primary Agricultural Co-operative Society

(Agriculture MCQ)

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