Agriculture MCQ For Competitive Exam

1.Highly evolved insect order is

(a) Hymenoptera         

(b) Coleoptera  

(c) Hemiptera  

(d) Diptera

2.Which pesticide is suitable for controlling the white grub?

(a) Malathion   

(b) Chlorpyriphos         

(c) Phorate      

(d) Aldicarb

3.Tundu disease (yellow ear rot) of wheat caused by Clavibacter tritici is usually associated with

(a) Heterodera evenae  

(b) Anguina tritici        

(c) Meloidogyne incognita        

(d) Pratylenchulus sp.

4.Tick out the sexual spores of fungi

(a) Chlamydospores     

(b) sporangiospores     

(c) Zoospores  

(d) Zygospores

5.The black wart disease of potato specially confined to Darjeeling hills is causes by pathogen

(a) Synchytrium endobioticum   

(b) Plasmodiophora brassicae  

(c) Sclerospora sorghi   

(d) Plasmopoa viticola

6.The disease caused by Leptosphaeria sacchari in sugarcane is

(a) Red rot       

(b) Black rot     

(c) Ring spot    

(d) Brown rot

7.The symptoms of powdery mildew of pea (caused by Erysiphe polygoni) first appears on

(a) Stem          

(b) Roots         

(c) Leaves        

(d) Flowers

8.Wilt of pigeonpea is caused by

(a) Fusarium udum      

(b) Gibberella indica     

(c) Rhizopus nigricans   

(d) Aspergillus flavus

9.The pathogen f rice blast or ‘rotten neck’ is

(a) Ustilago tritici          

(b) Pyricularia oryszae

(c) Alternaria alternate

(d) Plasmopora vitticola

10.In India the leaf rust of coffee was first time recorded in

(a) 1856           

(b) 1870           

(c) 1880           

(d) 1943

11. Photoreceptors (Rods and cones) of eye are present in

(a) Sclera         

(b) Cornea       

(c) Retina         

(d) Pupil

12. “Let down of milk” is initiated by the hormone

(a) Prolactin     

(b) Lactogen    

(c) Oxytocin     

(d) Lactopoietin

13. Cattle and buffalo belongs to family

(a) Bovidae      

(b) Suidae        

(c) Equidae      

(d) Cammelidae

14. Surathi buffalo breed is a native for

(a) Orissa         

(b) W.B.           

(c) U.P.

(d) Gujarat

15. Maximum fat (%) in milk of

(a) Murrah       

(b) Mehsana    

(c) Bhadawari  

(d) Zafrabadi

16. Highest milk yielder is

(a) Murrah       

(b) Mehsana    

(c) Zafrabadi    

(d) Bhadawari

17. Cow milk’s protein is called

(a) Zein

(b) Lactabumin

(c) Casein        

(d) Albumin

18. First clone Dolly was made in

(a) Sheep        

(b) Goat          

(c) cow

(d) Buffalo

19. Maximum producer of wool

(a) Rajasthan   

(b) Haryana     

(c) U.P.

(d) Punjab

20. Temperature for LTLT pasteurization

(a) 61-63°C       

(b) 42-49°C      

(c) 62-65°C       

(d) 51-65°C


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