Agriculture MCQ For Competitive exam

Agriculture MCQ

#The Head Quarter of Project Co-ordinator— AICRP on Agricultural Meteorology is at—

(A) Delhi

(B) CRIDA, Hyderabad

(C) Kanpur

(D) Ludhiana

#In North States (Punjab, Haryana & Western U.P.) of India, Winter rains occur from which monsoon ?

(A) North – Eastern Monsoon

(B) South – Western Monsoon

(C) From both (A) & (B)

(D) None of these

#Who is not related to climatology ?

(A) Kendrew

(B) Austin

(C) Critchfield

(D) Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru

#In which climate, the minimum difference in temperature of January and June is found ?

(A) Tropical

(B) Sub-tropical

(C) Temperature

(D) Dry

#The famous book – ‘Meteorologica’ is written by—

(A) Trewartha

(B) J.M. Austin

(C) Aristotle

(D) W.G. Kendrew

(Agriculture MCQ)

#Which climate is required for better growth and production of crops ?

(A) Hot-dry

(B) Cold-dry

(C) Cold-moist

(D) Hot-wet

#In North India, some times rains take place in winter, which is due to— 

(A) Western depression

(B) Monsoon depression

(C) Eastern depression

(D) S–W depression

#The period on which monsoon is onset in Kerala ?

(A) 1-5 May

(B) 1-5 July

(C) 1-5 June

(D) 1-5 August

#‘Meteorographia’, wherein high and low pressure areas are explained; is written by—

(A) Galton (1863)

(B) Leumis

(C) Aspi

(D) Heidle

#‘Barometer’ is invented by—

(A) Toricelly (1643)

(B) Galelio

(C) Sanctorius

(D) Casteli

(Agriculture MCQ)

#Indian Meteorological Department was established for the first time in—

(A) At Shimla in 1875

(B) At Pune in 1928

(C) At Delhi in 1950

(D) None of these

#Which of the production is included in foodgrains production ?

(A) Cereal (Rice & Wheat) crops, only

(B) Pulse crops, only

(C) Coarse cereal crops, only

(D) All cereals (Rice & Wheat), pulses and coarse cereal crops

#The maximum area under hybrid rice in the world, is found in which country ?

(A) India

(B) America

(C) China

(D) Indonesia

#Central Rice Research Institute (CRRI)-ICAR is located in the state—

(A) Patna

(B) Ludhiana

(C) Cuttack

(D) Kanpur

#The maximum area under rice in the state—

(A) Uttar Pradesh

(B) Madhya Pradesh

(C) Punjab

(D) Haryana

(Agriculture MCQ)

#Among the critical stages, the most critical stage of wheat crop for irrigation is—

(A) CRI–Crown Root Initiation stage

(B) Tillering stage

(C) Jointing stage

(D) Flowering stage

#The growing of wheat and mustard simultaneously together in rows, is called—

(A) Multiple cropping

(B) Relay cropping

(C) Mixed cropping

(D) Inter cropping

#Which of the State produces maximum per hectare yield of sugarcane in India ?

(A) U.P.

(B) Bihar

(C) Punjab

(D) Tamil Nadu

#In which State, the highest sugar recovery from sugarcane is ?

(A) Punjab

(B) Uttar Pradesh

(C) Maharashtra

(D) Haryana

#___is the example of CAM plant (Century plant).

(A) Pineapple

(B) Coconut

(C) Sunflower

(D) Watermelon

(Agriculture MCQ)

#___ is the example of associative, nonsymbiotic nitrogen fixing organism.

(A) Rhizobium

(B) Azorhizobium

(C) Pseudomonas ‘

(D) Azospirillum

#____ is the example of stem nodulating legume.

(A) Sesbania rostrata

(B) Crotolaria juncea

(C) Phaseolus trilobus

(D) Cicer arietinum

#‘Pusa Neem’ (Neem-oil coated urea)— product used as inhibitors for slow release, was designated and reported by—

(A) Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Colleagues

(B) Dr. R.S. Paroda

(C) Dr. G.B. Singh

(D) Dr. M.S. Randhawa

#Which of the following phosphatic fertilizer is useful in groundnut crop ?

(A) D.A.P.

(B) Rock Phosphate

(C) Triple Super-Phosphate (TSP)

(D) Single Super Phosphate (S.S.P.)

#D.A.P. contains the N percentage—

(A) 9%

(B) 18%

(C) 27%

(D) 36%

#The problem of iron toxicity generally exists in—

(A) Acid soils

(B) Alkali soils

(C) Saline soils

(D) Saline-Alkali soils

(Agriculture MCQ)

#Use of gypsum is most beneficial in—

(A) Saline soils

(B) Alkali/Sodic soils

(C) Acid soils

(D) None of these

#Phosphorus is generally fixed in acid soils in the form of—

(A) Calcium Phosphate

(B) Zn Phosphate

(C) Aluminium Phosphate

(D) None of these

#Why gypsum is used in crop of mustard ?

(A) For supplying sulphur (s)

(B) For supplying N

(C) For supplying Fe

(D) For supplying P

#In which soils, lime is used as soilamendment ?

(A) Alkali

(B) Acid

(C) Saline

(D) Saline-Alkali solis

(Agriculture MCQ)

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