Agriculture MCQ Important For Competitive Exam

Agriculture MCQ

Agriculture MCQ

1.​Jhum cultivation is prevalent in

(a) Manipur

(b) Madhya Pradesh

(c) Punjab

(d) Haryana 

2. ​Fishing is highly developed along the western coast of India as

(a) The continental shelf along the western coast is not well developed

(b) The continental shelf along the western coast is well pronounced

(c) The continental slope along the western coast is well developed

(d) The continental slope along the western coast is not well developed

3. ​The state with highest production of large cardamon in India is

(a) Meghalaya

(b) Arunachal Pradesh

(c) Sikkim

(d) Assam

4. ​Which crop is sown in the largest area in M.P ?

(a) Jowar

(b) Soyabeen

(c) Rice

d) Wheat

5. ​Green Revolution in India has so far been the most succesful in the case of

(a) Rice & wheat

(b) Tea & coffee

(c) Wheat & potato

(d) Mustard & Oilseeds

(Agriculture MCQ)

6​. Which of the following is not matched ?

(A) Varuna —lrrigated or unirrigated condition

(B) Vardan—Un.irrigated condition

(C) Narendra•85 —Saline soil

(D) K-88-Black grain

7.Which is not matched Correctly ?

(A) Blight ——Manc0zeb 75 W.P.

(B) Downy mildew —Zineb

(C) White Blister-02% spray of Radomil

(D) Smut —Endosulfan

8​. How much kg of sugarcane seed is required for sowing one hectare ?

(A) 7000 – 7500 kg

(B) 5500 – 6000 kg

(C) 8000 – 8500 kg

(D) 5200 – 5500 kg

9. Which is a variety of Oat ?

(A) K•12

(B) Naveen

(C) LD-491

(D) Kent

10. How much seed per hectare is needed for Berseem ?

(A) 18 — 22 kg

(B) 25 — 30 kg

(C) 30 – 35 kg

(D) 15 — 20 kg

(Agriculture MCQ)

11. What is the average annual production of European variety of honeybee colony ?

(A) 14 kg

(B) 16 kg

(C) 10 kg

(D) 8 kg

12. How much tomatoes are required for one kg tomato seeds ?

(A) 50 – 300 kg

(B) 300 — 350 kg

(C) 160 — 210 kg

(D) 200 — 250 kg

13. Inarching method is used for culture of which fruits crops

(A) Mango and Guava

(B) Mango and Grapes

(C) Guava and Litchi

(D) Phalsa and Guava

14​. Generally during summer and khurq’ seasons annual plants produce bloom in how many days ?

(A) 60 — 70 days

(B) 70 —— 80 days

(C) 70 — 75 days

(D) 50 – 60 days

15. Makhdum is a variety for which crop?

(A) Badam (Almond)​(​cknke​)​Purunsdulsis, Family ​Rosaceae
​ (B) Date palm​(​[ktwj​)​Phoenix dactilifera, Family​Palmaeor Aracaecae
​ (C) Walnut​(​v[kjksV​)​Juglansregia, Family ​Juglandaceae
​ (D) Coconut​(​ukfj;y​) Cocosnucifera, Family​Palmae or Aracaecae 

(Agriculture MCQ)

16. Which is the Goat breed reared in the city?

(A) Beetle

(B) Surati

(C) Marwadi

(D) Barbari

17. A hen starts egg laying after how many weeks?

(A) 15 weeks

(B) 20 weeks

(C) 18 weeks

(D) 16 weeks

18. How much is the fat percentage in the milk of Bhadavari buffalo ?

(A) 15 — 18%

(B) 8 – 13%

(C) 13 – 16%

(D) 6 – 10%

19. Television broadcast for rural development programmes in India started in-

(A) 1947

(B) 1957

(C) 1967

(D) 1977

20. Which of the following points refers to the economic level of output ?

(A) MR<mc


(C) MR = AC

(D) MR = MC</mc

(Agriculture MCQ)

21. What is the correct order of C​3​plants ?

(A) Sugarcane — Paddy – Bajra—Maize

(B) Groundnut — Potato — Wheat— Soybean

(C) Potato — Paddy — Bajra —W’heat

(D) Paddy – Sugarcane – Soybean –Bajra

22. C​6​H​12​O​6​ + 60​2​ —>6O​2​ + 6HZO shows-

(A) Photosynthesis

(B) Respiration

(C) Oxidation

(D) Translocation of food mate-rials

23. How does the supply of nitrogen in grains take place?

(A) From old leaves

(B) From plant roots

(C) From stem

(D) By photosynthesis

24. To reduce the crop-weed com-petition, at what stage are the herbicides used?

(A) At germination

(B) At tillering

(C) At ear emergence

(D) After first irrigation

25. How much percentage dry weight of crops should be at physiological maturity?

(A) 28%

(B) 20%

(C) 25%

(D) 30%

(Agriculture MCQ)

26. Growth of early emerging leaves becomes faster because of-

(A) Cell division and cell enlargement

(B) Stunt growth of plants

(C) Faster Photosynthesis

(D) Low pressure of outer atmosphere

27. The ideal temperature for mostof the cultivable crops is-

(A) 30°C – 50°C

(B) 15°C – 40°C

(C) 35°C – 40°C

(D) 45°C – 55°C

28. Which pH range is not suitable to grow the crop

(A) Oats — 5•0 -— 7-5 pH

(B) Cotton — 6-0—7•5 pH

(C) Bean ——• 6-0 — 8•0 pH

(D) Potato —- 4•5•6•5 pH

29. What is Azofication

(A) It is also known as composite fixation of nitrogen.

(B) It is also known as free fixation of nitrogen

(C) It is also known as nitrogen fixed by Rhizobium bacteria `

(D) It is also known as nitrogen gain through rains or snow 

30. Which is the hybrid of PusaGiant Napier

(A) Napier x Iowar

(B) Napier x Bajra

(C) jowar x Bajra

(D) Bajra x Iowar

(Agriculture MCQ)

31. From where is Indian Journal of Agriculture Sciences published





32. How much paddy seed is needed for transplanting one hectare area by SRI technique

(A) 30 – 35 kg

(B) 1 •— 1•5 kg

(C) 5-6kg

(D) 10-12kg

33. Soldier insect harms which crop more

(A) Urad

(B) Arhar

(C) Moong

(D) Paddy

34. ln which season is the highest yield of Maize obtained

(A) Zaid

(B) Kharif

(C) Rabi

(D) All of these

35. Seed treatment of which crop is done by Captan or Cerasan @ 5gm / kg seed–

(A) Cotton

(B) Jute

(C) Satflower

(D) Mondua

(Agriculture MCQ)

36. Varieties of Miscavi and PusaVisal are of which crop

(A) Cotton

(B) ]ute

(C) Oat

(D) Berseem

37. Which is not prepared from potato

(A) Farina and Alcohol

(B) Paper

(C) Wine

(D) Acetic acid

38. Potato tuber growth is stopped at what temperature ?

(A) 40°C — 42°C

(B) 30°C — 32°C

(C) 35°C — 37°C

(D) 38°C – 40°C

39. In which state of India is the area of Coffee maximum ?

(A) Kerala

(B) Andhra Pradesh

(C) Karnataka

(D) Tamil Nadu

40. How much cloves of garlic is required for one hectare

(A) 400 kg

(B) 500 kg

(C) 600 kg

(D) 300 kg 

(Agriculture MCQ)

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