Agriculture One Liner For Competitive Exam

Agriculture One Liner

Agriculture One Liner

❖Total Geographical Area of the country- 329 Mha

❖ Net sown area of the country- 140 Mha (42.57% of total area)

❖ Gross sown area of the country- 195 Mha

❖ Barren land area in the country- 41 Mha

❖ Degraded land area in the country- 63.85 Mha

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❖ Waste land area in the country- 178 Mha

❖ Total Forest area in the country- 70.82 Mha (21.54% of total geographical area)

❖ State with highest forest area in the country is-
1) Madhya Pradesh
2) Arunachal Pradesh
3) Chhattisgarh

❖ For maintaining ecological balance percentage of the land area should be under forest is- 33

❖ Irrigated area in India- 64.7 Mha (2018)

❖ Government of India declared “2018” as- National year of Millets

❖ India is the largest producer of Millets in world, harvesting about 11 million tones and accounts for 40 percent of the world’s output.

❖ Contribution of Livestock to National GDP is- 4.5%

❖ Contribution of Livestock to Total Agricultural GDP- 27%

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❖ The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2019 as the- International Year of Indigenous Languages.

❖ Power house of Nutrients/Nutri-Cereals/Climate resilient crops are – Millets

❖ Cropping Intensity of India is – 142%

❖ Total number of KVKs at present is- 706 (as of MAY,2019)

❖ KVKs are under the administration control of- DDG of Agricultural extension

❖ For effective functioning and monitoring of KVKs, KVKs are divided into- 11 ATARI Zones

❖ Highest Number of KVKs are in – Zone 3 (U.P.)

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❖ Acronym of ATARI –Agricultural Technology Application Research Institutes (ATARIs formerly called as Zonal Project Directorates)

❖ Growth rate of Agriculture sector during 2017-18 is- 2.4%

❖ The estimated growth rate of agriculture during 2018-19 was- 2.7%

❖ Contribution of Agriculture and allied sectors to GDP is- 17.2% (2017-18)

❖ Contribution of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing to GDP is- 16.0% (2018-19, 2nd Advanced estimate)

❖ Total Food grain production in the country during 2017-18 was- 277.5 Mt

❖ Total Food grain production in the country during 2018-19 was- 281.37 Mt (2nd Advanced Estimate)

❖ Government of India sets food grain production target for 2018-19 at – 290.25 Mt (Kharif- 144.55 Mt; Rabi- 145.70 Mt)

❖ Total Pulse production for the year 207-18 is- 24Mt

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❖Total no. of land capability classes in the land capability classification scheme- Eight

❖Which state uses highest fertilizer per acre is – Punjab

❖ Blue baby desease is caused by – Fluoride

❖ Soil crust is formed by – Iron oxides

❖ Which state has largest area of pineapple in India – West Bengal

❖Corm is used for propagation of – Gladiolus

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❖ Man made Vegetable is – Rutabaga

❖ Pahala blight of sugarcane is due to the deficiency of – Mn

❖ Anti – sterility vitamin is – Vitamin- E

❖ Mycorrhiza is the association of – *Roots + Fungus

❖DNA and RNA are similar to each other because both – are nucleotide polymers

❖A sclerotiurn refers to a modified mycelium which is – a hard resting body

❖ A simple technique has been developed in India by using the agrilearner following organisms as – Azotobacter and Rhizobium

❖ A phenomenon wherein a single gene has more than one phenotypic effect is known as– Pleiotropism

❖ Which one of the following is a rich source of protein?– Spirulina

❖ Glycolysis is also known as – EMP Pathway

❖ Rate of photosynthesis is higher in light.– Red

❖ The fruit ripening hormone is– Ethylene

❖ The largest herbarium in India is located at– Kolkata

❖International Rice Research Institute is in – Manila

(Agriculture One Liner)

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