Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam-66

Agriculture One Liner

Agriculture One Liner

# The land capability class may be used for cultivation with intensive soil conservation measure is Class III.

# Enriched FYM contains FYM and SSP in the ratio of 5:1.

# Soil pores of less than 0.06 mm in diameter are considered as Micro-spores.

# The main practice for dust mulching is Intercultural operation.

# The average force that a bullock can exert is 1/10th of their Body weight.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Major pea producing state of India is UP i.e. 46%.

# Pea showing area out of total swing are 4.6%.

# The term “Pest Management” was given by Geier in 1970.

# Father of Insect Physiology is Wiggelworth.

# Study of Clouds is called as Nephology.(Agriculture One Liner)

# In rainy water content of CO2 is 0.45%.

# Fat percent in plastic cream is 80%.

# In banana ripe fruit sugar content is 27%.

# Harvest index in Pulses is 0.2-0.3.

# Crop plants which protect soil surface from erosion are called as Cover crops.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Crop plants which help to protect and prevent another crop from trespassing are called as Barrier crops.

# Red soil is best for the cultivation of Sorghum, Red gram and Groundnut.

# Amaranthus viridis weed is used as a green vegetable.

# Nitrogen content in calcium Ammonium Nitrate is 26%.

# Flex is a fibre of Linseed.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Maximum edible oil is contributed by Groundnut.

# Argon was discovered by Arnon.

# Essentiality of Boron is postulated by Warrington.

# Consumer spend his income according to law of Equi-marginal utility.

# National income generated by Agriculture is calculated by using Output method.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Indian economy is based on Mixed economy.

# Tillage is difficult in Clay soil.

# Jowar has Adventitious and fibrous root system.

# The low analysis fertilizers contain less than has 30% of primary nutrients.

# The most resistant crop to water logging is Rice.(Agriculture One Liner)

# G.S. Cheema was the first president of Indian Horticulture society.

# Present president of ICAR is Mr Radha Mohan Singh.

# Cymbopogon weed is indicator of poor light soil.

# Heavy infestation of which weed causes poor ploughing performance Cynodon dactylon.

# Eichhornia crassipes is a Floating weed.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Zygogramma bicolorata beetle feed on leaves of Parthenium.

# Application of volatile chemical on confined spaces to produce gas that will destroy weed seeds is called as Fumigation.

# Harvest index in cereals is 0.4-0.5.

# Madhya Pradesh have highest producer of Soy-bean is (57.13%).

# USA is the highest producer of soy-bean.(Agriculture One Liner)

# The appropriate time for planting menthe in plains is January-February.

# Recommended seed rate per hectare of Dhaincha for green manuring in sodic soil is 60 kg/ha.

# The removal of tips or shoot alone with a view to stimulate mildly the lateral growth is called as Punching or Topping.

# Pox and Scurve is a disorder of Sweet potato.

# Pusa Urmi and Pusa Shreya are new varieties of Ash gourd.(Agriculture One Liner)

# MC 43 and S-404 are the varieties of Cumin.

# DDT was discovered by Paul Hermann Muller.

# First insecticide discovered was DDT.

# The soils having more than 30 % organic matter is placed in Histosols.

# The indicator used in determination of organic carbon from soil is Diphenyl amine.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Electric conductivity of saturation extract of saline-sodic soil in more than 4.0 m mhos/cm.

# How much space is required for egg poultry is 2 sq. ft

# Severe bloat is removed by tools called Trocar cannula.

# Full hand method is the best method of milking.

# Speed of Gerber centrifuge machine in fat test is 3000 rpm.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Anthrax is also called as Splenic fever.

# Most chickens breeds have how many number of toes on each foot Four.

# Northern Region arm Machinery Training and Testing Institute is located at Hisar.

# Responsible for the ability of plant roots to draw water from soil Osmosis.

# In a pure solvent, the value of Osmotic potential is Zero as its maximum value.(Agriculture One Liner)

# The diffusion of solvent particles into a living cell or structure is called as Endo-Osmosis.

# The diffusion of solvent out of a living cell or structure is called as Exo- Osmosis.

# The soaking up/adsorption of water by dry substances due to hydrophilic colloids is known as Imbibitions.

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