Agriculture One Liner For Competitive Exam

Agriculture One Liner

Sampoorna Grammeen Rojgar Yojna was started in the year of 2001

▪FCI was started in 1970

▪FISCAL commission was appointed in 1949

▪Multiple Cropping Programming was Started in 1966

▪First irrigation commission was appointed in 1901

▪first deptt of agriculture was established in 1881

▪the extension work must be based on the-Need and interest of people

▪Father of Extension- J paul Leagons

▪father of Sociology- August Commte

▪National agricultural innovation project was stared in — 2005

▪Total number of national bureaux are — six

▪Formula of coefficient of variance is-SD/Mean x 100

▪t test is generally used, when sample size is 30

▪The correlation coefficient lies between – l to + I

▪The experimental design, which simultaneously control the variation in two directions is known as LSD

▪The basic principles of field experimentation-I Replication 2 Randomized 3 Local control

▪The technique of analysis of variance was developed by-R.A. Fisher

▪If fertility gradient of land is in two directions, the experimental design will be-Latin Square design

▪the most commonly used measure of control tendency is-Arithmetic mean

▪Cumulative frequency is also known as — Ogive

▪The term ‘ Kurtosis ‘ was given by-Karl Pearon (1906)

▪Laplace used the normal distribution in-Analysis of errors of experiments

▪the important method of least squares was introduced by-Legendre in 1805

▪The name ” Normal distribution ” was coined independently by-Peirce Galton and Lexix, (1875)

▪Normal distribution is also known as-Law of error, law of facility of error, lapace’s seconf law, gaussion law etc.

▪Generalize mean is also known as-Power mean or Holder mean

▪The standard deviation is widely used measure of-Variability or disperson

▪The term standard deviation was first used by-Karl Pearson in 1894

▪if mean, medium and mode is equal, then skewness will be — zero

▪Correlation’s are useful because they can indicate a-Predictive relationship

▪which ANOVA is used when the experimenter want to study the effects of two or more treatment variables-Factorial ANOVA

▪Which ANOVA is used when the subjects are subjects to repeated measures, in which the same subjects are used for each treatment-Two- Way Anova

▪The completely randomized design is considered to be most useful in situation where

▪ The experimental units are homogeneous

▪The experimental are small such as Laboratory experiments

▪Some experimental units are likely to be destroyed

▪In field experiments the commonly used design is — RBD

▪For chi- square test, the minimum sample size should be — 50

▪Define biometry-It deals with observation with living thing

▪mean, median and mode are equal in-normal distribution

▪most frequent number in a data set, is known as-mode.

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