Agriculture One Liner For Agriculture Competitive Exams – 2

Q. Crops grown along Irrigation & drainage channel are – Riparian crops

Q. Nutrient which if taken in excess is known as luxury consumption – Potassium

Q. Seed work board is required for – Bleeding of seed

Q. LEISA is related to – Organic Farming

Q. All the grain legumes have a high photo respiration because of – C3 Mechanism

Q. Hydraulic conductivity of soils varies directly with – Total porosity

Q. In a good quality manure C/N Ratio should not be more than – 10

Q. ‘ Tarai ‘ soils are deficient in – Zn

Q. Permanent soil property is – Soil texture

Q. Blind tillage refers to – Hoeing before germination

Q. Head quarter of Rainfed Authority of India is located at – New Delhi 

Q. LAI ( Leaf area index) concept was given by – Watson, 1948

Q. In which soils Group drainage facility especially required – Black Soils

Q. Anti transpirants also reduce – Plant photosynthesis

Q. Which gas is a effective Anti transpirants – CO2

Q. Silviculture + Pasture management known as – Sylvo-pastoral System

Q. Which soil conservation measures are adopted if land slop is > 2% – Mechanical measures

Q. Contour bunding is mostly used in – Arid & Semi Arid areas where slope is up to 6%

Q. Graded bunding is recommended for those area where annual rainfall is – >800mm

Q. BBF (Broad Bed & Furrow System) is mostly used for which type of soils  – Deep black soil

Q. BBF method widely practiced in which crop – Groundnut 

Q. Plant most suitable for Soil conservation as a vegetative barriers – Khus (Vetteria zelanica) 

Q. Soil conservation method mostly used in Coffee gardens – Vertical mulching

Q. Lines joining equal elevation called as – Contour

Q. Instrument used to measure height – Altimeter

Q. 2.5 mm rains during 24 hrs called as – Rainy day

Q. Contribution of N. E. Monsoon in Indian rainfall amount – 15%

Q. Which monsoon also known as Retarding monsoon – North East Monsoon

Q. Chemical used for warm clouds – NaCl (Sodium Chloride)

Q. Short range of weather forecasting is – < 3 days or up to 72 hrs

Q. Long range of weather forecasting is – > 10 days

Q. One Cucec water is equal to – 28.3 litres 

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