Agriculture One Liner For Agriculture Competitive Exams

Q. When annual rainfall is less than 75% of normal, the situation will be called as – Drought

Q. If the deficiency of rainfall is above 50% of the normal, the situation will be called as – Severe Drought

Q. Supplemental Irrigation is also known as – Life saving Irrigation

Q. P. M. A. Phenyl mercuric acetate is a type of anti transpirants – Stomata closing type

Q. Kaolin is a type of anti transpirant – Reflecting type

Q. Cycocel is a – Growth retardant

Q. For the regular cultivation the land capability classes used are – I, II & III Classes

Q. Family of tobacco – Solanaceae

Q. Family of jute – Tiliaceae

Q. Family of sesame – Pedoliaceae

Q. Family of Castor – Euphorbiaceae

Q. Which family of crops are more exhaustive – Gramineae

Q. Tobacco is a – Rabi crop

Q. Weight of 100 seeds is known as – Seed index

Q. Weight of 1000 seeds is known as – Test Weight

Q. Dockage is the – Impurity percentage

Q. The Seed which is known as Mother seed – Breeder seed

Q. The weed which was 1st biologically controlled – Lantana┬ácamara

Q. Host crops of Orabanche – Tobacco, chilli, Brinja, Potato

Q. Host Crops of striga – Sorghum, Maize, Sugarcane, Sunflower

Q. Horizontal flow of water in channel is called as – Seepage

Q. Vertical movement of water in soil is known as – Percolation

Q. PF value was first time introduced by – Schofield (1935)

Q. Soil Moisture tension was measured by – Tensiometer

Q. Tensiometer was first designed by – Richards & Gardner (1936)

Q. Lysimeter is used for measurement of – Evapo Transpiration

Q. Parshall flume is used for measurement of – Water flow

Q. Salatation is a process of – Wind erosion

Q. Highly salt tolerant cereals is – Barley

Q. In Saline soil the method of Irrigation used is – Flood method

Q. Sowing Pattern used in dry land – Broadcasting

Q. Crop lodging was adopted first in which crop – Sugarcane

Q. Annidation is – Complementary reaction between inter crops

Q. Curing is associated with which crop – Tobacco & Tea

Q. Trashing is associated with which crop – Sugarcane

Q. Stripping is associated with which crop – Jute

Q. Wrapping is associated with which crop – Sugarcane

Q. The “Miracle Plant” which is used for fuel, fodder & manures is – Leucaena leucocephala

Q. Crop which is used to make car fuel in Brazil – Sugarcane

Q. First chemically manufactured fertilizer is – Ammonium sulphate

Q. Optimum temperature For crop production – 15-20┬░ C

Q. What is the Utera croppingSowing of next seeds before the harvesting of standing crops in order to utilize moisture efficiency under rainfed agro ecosystem. Utera cropping is adopted in Rabi season only.

Q. The country who introduced Zero Tillage first – USA

Q. Tetrazolium test is used to determining – Seed viability

Q. Sunflower is indicator Plant for nutrient – Boron

Q. Topping in safflower is done – To promote branching & flowering

Q. Steven screen is related to – Agro meteorology

Q. PMA (Phenyl mercuric acetate) chemical is used in Agri plants to – Reduce Transpiration

Q. At the field capacity the value of pF is – 2.5

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