Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam-60

Agriculture One Liner

Agriculture One Liner

#Total number of KVK operating in the country till Dec 2011 – 600

#Antuadya Yojana was started in 2 oct 1977

#Sampoorna Grammeen Rojgar Yojna was started in the year of 2001

#FCI was started in 1970 FISCAL commission was appointed in 1949

# Acidity % in milk is 0.12-0.14%.

(Agriculture One Liner)

# Gestation period of cow is 281 days.

# Gestation period of Buffalo is 310 days.

# Sugar content in milk is is Lactose.

# Glucose + glucose is Maltose.

# Glucose + Fructose is Sucrose.

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# Daily salt requirement of cow is 50 gram.

# Which breed of Goat known as queen of milk is Saanen.

# Best dual purpose breed of cow is Harianvi.

# Merino Sheep native from is Spain.

# Holstein friesian native from is Holland.

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# Dry matter in Barseem is 25-30%.

# Best crop for making silage is Maize -Jowar.

# Best crop for making hay is Barseem.

# Sowing time of Barseem is Sep.-Oct.

#Multiple Cropping Programming was Started in 1966

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#First irrigation commission was appointed in 1901

#first deptt. of agriculture was established in 1881

#the extension work must be based on the – Need and interest of people

# State having minimum BPL population is Punjab.

# Maximum number of BPL people are in is Bihar.

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# Bio fertilizer more suited for sugarcane is Azatobacter.

# Depth of sowing of soybean seed is 3 cm.

# First variety of rice introduced in India is is TN-I (1964-65).

# Indian mustard is known as Brassica juncea.

# Explosive fertilizer is Ammonium nitrate.

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# Most prominent soil group of India is Alluvial soil.

# In SSP sulphur contains is 12 %.

# Which micro nutrient deficient in Indian soils is Zn.

# Which macro nutrient mostly deficient in Indian soils is Nitrogen.

#Father of Extension- J paul Leagons

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#father of Sociology- August Commte

#National agricultural innovation project was stared in – 2005

# The direction from which the winds are corning called as is Wind ward side.

# Agronomic measures are used to reduce erosion where slope is Less than 2%.

# Bench terracing is usually a practiced on slopes ranging from is 16-33 %.

(Agriculture One Liner)

# The highest award presented to an agricultural scientist in the Country is Rafi Ahmad Kidwai Award.

# Over the years the contribution of agriculture to GDP of Indian economy has been is Decreasing,

# In which five year plan ‘Agro climatic regional planning in India was initiating is 7th five year plan (1988).

# Nitrogen fixation in rice field is carried out by blue green algae with is fern Azolla.

# The pattern of planting which has maximum plant population is Cubodial pattern.

(Agriculture One Liner)

# Cultivations of such crops which lime different natural habit and competition is as Parallel cropping.

# The variety of which is resistant to all the three rusts is Choti lerma.

# Only One time a ratoon crop of sugarcane is advisable.

# Cultivation of two or more than crops of different heights simultaneously on a certain piece of land in a certain period is called is Multistoried cropping.

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