Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam-61

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Agriculture One Liner

# The State that produces highest Pulses is Madhya Pradesh.

# The state that ranks first in Oilseed production is Rajasthan.

# The First Ever world Pulse Celebrated on-10 Feb, 2019.

# FAO of the UN declared the annual observance of World Pulses day starting from the year-2019.

# Highest Number of KVKs are in Zone 3 (U.P.).(Agriculture One Liner)

# Acronym of ATARI –Agricultural Technology Application Research Institutes (ATARIs formerly called as Zonal Project Directorates).

# Growth rate of Agriculture sector during 2017-18 was 2.4%.

# Sampoorna Grammeen Rojgar Yojna was started in the year of 2001.

# Ufra disease of rice is caused by Ditylenchus.

# Whip smut of sugarcane is caused by Ustilago sciteminae.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Red rot of sugarcane is caused by Collectorichum falcatum.

# Sugarcane mosaic disease is transmitted by Rhopalosiphum maidis.

# Disease also known as “Killer Disease of Wheat” is Black/ Stem rust.

# Bacteria leaf blight of rice caused by Xanthomonas oryzae.

# The disease caused by Leptosphaeria sacchari in sugarcane is Ring spot.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Loose smut of wheat is Internally seed borne.

# The Karnal bunt of wheat is caused by Neovossia indica.

# Sugarcane rust is caused by Puccinia eriathi.

# Leaf blight of wheat is caused by Alternaria trictinia.

# Seed rate of wheat for Salt affected soil and late Sowing is 125kg/ha.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Seed rate for Sowing by dibbler 27kg/ha.

# Seed rate in zero tillage 140 kg/ha.

# Seed rate of hybrid wheat 67 kg/ha.

# Showing time of wheat for better production is Mid Oct. to Mid Nov.

# New method of wheat sowing is FIRB.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Spongy tissue resistant variety is Ratna.

# Which variety suitable for processing is Kesar.

# Rumani is the variety of fruits like “Apple Shape” .

# Caging technique of breeding first used by Dr R N Singh.

# Moisture percent in Bajra at harvesting stage is 20%.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Moisture present in bajra at storage time is 12-14%.

# Irrigated area of Bajra is only 9.5%.

# Fertilizer dose for Bajra (NPK) is 00:50:40.

# Protein content in Bajra is 11-12%(11.6%).

# Carbohydrate content in Bajra is 67%.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Fat content in Bajra is 5%.

# Ideal temperature for germination of wheat seeds is 20-25°C.

# Which gene responsible for Dwarfness in wheat is Norin-10.

# Protein which is essential for good great quality and making roti Gluten.

# Indian Institute of wheat and Barley research located at Karnal, Hariyana.(Agriculture One Liner)

# International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre (CIMMYT) is located at Mexico.

# Who is the present Director General(DG) of CYMMYT Martin Kropff.

# Stem rot of rice is caused by Sclerotium oryzae.

# Tungro disease of rice is spread by Nephotettix virescens.

# Akiochi disease is due to Sulphur toxicity.(Agriculture One Liner)

# White rust of crucifers is caused by Albugo candida.

# Crop showing maximum resistance to nematode is Marigold.

# Per capita availability of Milk in India- 376 gm per person per day.

# India’s share in World Milk production- 17%.

# As per South Asian Region, Kharif crop is cultivated in April-Oct.(Agriculture One Liner)

# FCI was started in 1970

# FISCAL commission was appointed in 1949.

# Multiple Cropping Programming was Started in 1966.

# First irrigation commission was appointed in 1901.

# first deptt of agriculture was established in 1881.(Agriculture One Liner)

# the extension work must be based on the-Need and interest of people.

# Institutional credit for Agriculture sector for the year 2018-19 is 11 lakh cr.

# The plan period of the 12th 5 year plan 2012-2017.

# Micro Finance Institution registered as NBFC regulated by RBI.

# JNNURM is now submitted with AMRUT.

# World economic situations and prospects 2016 report released by UNO.(Agriculture One Liner)

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