Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam-63

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Agriculture One Liner

# Soil collide is a part of Clay.

# Inorganic collide is Silicate clay.

# Organic collide is Humus.

# Expanding type clay mineral is Montmorillonite.

# Swelling and plasticity properties is maximum in Montmorillonite.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Arrangement of soil particle referred to as Soil structure.

# Wind erosion is common in Arid & semi arid.

# Contour bunds are adopted in region of High rainfall.

# The Cam shaft raises and lowers the inlet and exhaust valves at proper time.

# Soil degradation takes place due to Accelerated erosion.(Agriculture One Liner)

# The most harmful vibration frequency for a human being is 1 to 20 Hz.

# The lateral stability of four wheel tractor in a turning situation can be increased by Increasing the radius of the turn.

# Potato also known as King of vegetable.

# “Seed Plot Technique” developed by Pushkar Nath (1967).

# “True potato seed” developed by Dr. Ramanujan.(Agriculture One Liner)

# “Phulwa” was the first variety of TPS.

# Dr. Ramanujan was the first director of CPRI.

# Phala blight disease in sugarcane due to deficiency of Magnese.

# Maize susceptible for Water logging.

# Emasculation is the process of removing male inflorescence from the plant of maize.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Rabi season maize mostly grown in Bihar.

# Starter feed contains maximum of Protein.

# Most dangerous disease of chicken is Ranikhet.

# The term value in Economics used in the sense of value is Exchange.

# Quasi rent arises in Capital.(Agriculture One Liner)

# The more we have of a commodity the less we want to have more of it is explained by Law of diminishing marginal utility.

# Under perfect competition market products sold our Homogenous.

# The demand for a commodity that can be put to several uses is Composite demand.

# The demand for various kinds of labour and materials to make the final product is called as Derived demand.

# Khaira disease Mainly occurs in Paddy.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Intensive grossing is practised in V (5th) land capability class.

# MH chemical is generally used for the safe storage of onion.

# Pilot Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme (WBCIS) is started in the year 2010.

# RBI was nationalized in year 1st Jan. 1949.

# Community Development Project (C.D.P.) was started in 1952.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Mango malformation is common in North-West India.

# Karnal bunt was discovered in Haryana.

# Downy mildew of grape vine is controlled by Bordeaux mixture.

# Foot and Mouth disease disease spread through virus in cattle.

# Anthrax is caused by Bacteria.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Sweet orange belongs to the family of Rutaceae.

# The most popular method for mango planting is Square.

# Government introduced crop insurance scheme for Drought risk.

# Fruits and vegetables are rich source of vitamins and minerals and they are called as Protective food.

# The crops of different heights are grown in Multi storied cropping system.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Growing of trees for timber along With crop is known as Agri-silviculture.

# Striga weed is associated with Sorghum.

# “Moisture equivalent” given by Bricks and meclay.

# Phosphorus and potassium mostly observed by Diffusion.

# Highest water use efficiency is found in C4 plants.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Yellow mosaic virus in green gram transmitted by Whitefly.

# Colour of grasshopper blood is Colourless.

# Species are basic unit of classification.

# Main host tree of eri-silk worm Castor.

# Main host tree of Lac insect is Palas.(Agriculture One Liner)

# In an epicyclic gear speed reduction unit, the ratio of the number of teeth of the angular gear to sun gear is 4:1.

# The toein provided in a tractor is approximately 7 mm to 10 mm.

# The calorific value of HSD is 10550 kcal/kg.

# More spraying pressure results in Reduction of droplet size.

# Air blast sprayer is used for Orchards.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Knapsack sprayer is suitable for Brushes Row crop and Small trees.

# Economics of agriculture is known as Agro-economics.

# “National Cooperative Union of India” was established in the year 1929.

# National Cooperative development and warehousing board was established in the year 1956.

# National Cooperative Development “Corporation” was established in the year 1963.(Agriculture One Liner)

# National agricultural Cooperative marketing federation of India Limited was started in the year 1958.

# Central warehousing Corporation was started in the year 1957.

# Food Corporation of India was started in the year 1965.

# Vegetable oil products Act was passed in the year 1975.

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