Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam-64

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Agriculture One Liner

# Single gene dwarf varieties are Sonalika , Girija, UP-262 ,Wl 711,Lerma Rojo 64A.

# The protein found in wheat floor which is helpful for chapati making Gluten.

# Central Zig – Zag axis of wheat is called Rachis.

# Mexican dwarf wheat was evolved by Dr. N. E. Borlaug.

# Total Geographical Area of the country is 329 Mha.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Net sown area of the country is 140 Mha (42.57% of total area).

# Gross sown area of the country is 195 Mha.

# Barren land area in the country is 41 Mha.

# Degraded land area in the country is 63.85 Mha.

# Government of India declared “2018” as National year of Millets.(Agriculture One Liner)

# India is the largest producer of Millets in world, harvesting about 11 million tones and accounts for 40 percent of the world’s output.

# Contribution of Livestock to National GDP is 4.5%.

# Contribution of Livestock to Total Agricultural GDP is 27%.

# Alley Cropping is a type of Agroforestry system.

# First KVK was establishment in (1974) in Pondicherry.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Highest pulse producing state is MP.

# The enzyme of nitrogen reduction is Nitrogenase.

# The element of nitrate reduction is the Molybdenum.

# Most of field crops require the pH range for optimum growth is 6.5-7.0.

# Karnataka is the largest producer of coffee in the country.(Agriculture One Liner)

# China is the largest producing and consuming country of tobacco in the world whereas, India has third position in production of tobacco.

# Phenyl mercuric acetate (PMA) is a chemical used in agriculture crops in order to Reduce transpiration.

# Jowar is known as Camel crop Kings of coarse grains.

# India is the second country after China to have commercialized the hybrid rice technology.

# HD 2329 variety of wheat contributed maximum production during green revolution in India.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Plant rectangularity is Plant to plant distance/row to row distance .

# In water erosion 3 m deep and more than 18 m wide gully is known as Small gully (G2).

# 3-9 m deep and width of 18 m or more with side slope 8-15 % is known as Medium gully (G3).

# Edible part of cauliflower is Curd.

# Blanching is an important process of Cauliflower.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Whiptail of cauliflower is due to MO Deficiency.

# Hence; cultivated mostly crops are Acidic in nature.

# Depth of water required by a crop is known as Delta.

# Area irrigated by one cusec discharge of water is Duty.

# Period in days for which irrigation is supplied to a crop is Base period.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Rancidity in sunflower oil is due to Oxidation.

# Varieties of black gram are T-9, Pant U-19.

# Famous variety of moth bean is RMO-40, RMO-257.

# Beaufort scale is used to measure Wind force/speed.

# One standard atmosphere is equal to 1013.25 mb.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Highest irrigation area covering Canal in the world is Indira Gandhi canal.

# Highest wheat producing state is Uttar Pradesh.

# Highest pesticides used in India Insecticide.

# Silicon essential for Which crop Rice.

# Biotite is Potassium Rich mineral.(Agriculture One Liner)

# Suitable fertilizers used in fertigation is Liquid fertilizer.

# The bio-drainage plant is Eucalyptus Spp.

# Yellow Revolution related with Oil seeds.

# Soybean is the crop known as gold of America.

# Water absorbed by plants more through Root hair.(Agriculture One Liner)

# The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2019 as the International Year of Indigenous Languages.

# Power house of Nutrients/Nutri Cereals/Climate resilient crops are Millets.

# Cropping Intensity of India is 136%.

# India’s rank in terms of Production of Fruits and Vegetables is Second (First Brazil).

# Leading producer of Fruits in India is Andhra Pradesh (Ranks First).(Agriculture One Liner)

# Leading producer of Vegetables in India is West Bengal (Ranks First).

# Largest producer producer of Lychee and Mesta in India is Bihar.

# Waste land area in the country is 178 Mha.

# Total Forest area in the country is 70.82 Mha (21.54% of total geographical area).

# Irrigated area in India is 64.7 Mha (2018).(Agriculture One Liner)

# The N fraction of FVM is mainly given by “Urine”.

# Old and sick animals produce FYM rich in nutrients.

# The toxic alkaloid found in the leaves of sorghum crops is Dhurin or HCN.

# The fruit crop with highest production in India is Banana.

# The fruit crop with highest area under cultivation is Mango.(Agriculture One Liner)

# The vegetable crop with highest area and production is Potato(agriculture exams library).

# The state with production of fruits and Vegetables is Uttar Pradesh.

# Largest producer of Kiwi fruit in India is Manipur.

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