Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam-67

Agriculture One Liner

Agriculture One Liner

# Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic association between: Fungus & roots of higher plants

# VAM: Vascular Arboscular Mycorrhyza is used as: P solubilizing in plant roots

# Cereals are deficient in which amino acid: Lysine

# Amino acid which is deficient in legumes: Methionine

# Power tiller is most suitable for the cultivation of: Paddy(Agriculture One Liner)

# Ammonium polyphosphate contains: 15% N & 62 % P205.

#Tz (tetrazolium) test is done for: Viability of seeds.

# In wet nursery of rice, level of water is maintained: 5 cm

# The optimum depth of puddling in rice is: 5 cm

# Ultra violet radiations are absorbed by: Ozone layer (Agriculture One Liner)

# First Indian director of IARI was: Dr. B. Vishvanath.

# The most critical stage of irrigation in wheat is: CRI stage (21 days after sowing)

# Jhuming is a practice of rice cultivation in: Eastern part of India.

# Basic object of sustainable agriculture is: To maintain ecological balance

# The plants growing in salt water are known as: Halophytes (Agriculture One Liner)

# Crop canopy temperature is measured by: Infra-red thermometer.

# Reclamation disease is due to deficiency of: Copper

# Hormone related to drought tolerance is: Abscisic acid

# Contribution of livestock in agriculture is 29.7 %

# Hormone used as an herbicide: 2, 4-D (>20 PPM) (Agriculture One Liner)

# Element available in both anion and cation is: Nitrogen (IARI, Ph.D11)

# Dormancy breaking hormone is: Gibrellic acid

# Ring worm disease is caused by: Fungus.

# Monsoon is responsible to cause rainfall in Tamil Nadu: North East monsoon

# Stress hardening in plants can be achieved by: ABA. (Agriculture One Liner)

# Maximum permissible limit of biuret in urea is: 1.5%.

# Carbon content in organic matter: 58%

# Bio fertilizer used in wheat is: Azatobacter.

# Bio fertilizer used in sorghum and grasses is: Azospirillum

# Vertical mulch is used in which type of soils: Black cotton soils. (Agriculture One Liner)

# Criteria of essentiality were given by: Arnon & Stout, 1939.

# The optimum spacing for wheat is: 22.5 cm(line to line)

# The nontraditional area for cultivating is: Eastern India.

# Major P fertilizer commonly used in India is: DAP

# State having minimum BPL population is: Punjab (Agriculture One Liner)

# Maximum number of BPL people are in: Bihar

# Bio fertilizer more suited for sugarcane is: Azatobacter

# Depth of sowing of soybean seed: 3 cm

# First variety of rice introduced in India is: TN-I (1964-65)

# Indian mustard is known as: Brassica juncea.

# Explosive fertilizer is: Ammonium nitrate.

# Most prominent soil group of India: Alluvial soil.

# In SSP sulphur contains: 12 %.

# Which micro nutrient deficient in Indian soils: Zn

# Which macro nutrient mostly deficient in Indian soils: Nitrogen (Agriculture One Liner)

# Spike tooth harrow is a type of implement: Secondary tillage

# Most widely used material for correcting soil acidity is: Lime.

# Diara cultivation method is followed in: Cucurbits.

# C: N ratio of organic matter is: 10:1

# National Seed Act was passed in: 1966.

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