Agriculture One Liner For Competitive Exam

Agriculture One Liner

Agriculture One Liner

1. The shape of the growth curve is usually
Ans – Sigmoid

2. The forces that can change the frequency of an allele in a population are
Ans – selection, mutagenesis, migration, inbreeding and random genetic drift

3. The anticodon region is present in
Ans – t-RNA

4. In reptiles and birds, nitrogen is excreted in the form of
Ans – Uric acid

5. Which of the following techniques are used in assaying monoclonal antibodies?
Ans – Flow cytometry

6. Which of the following synthetic polypeptides will form a triple helix?
Ans – (Pro-Gly-Gly)n

7. World Health Organisation (WHO) announced the eradication of small pox as a disease in the year
Ans – 1977

8. A disease that attacks many in a community simultaneously is
Ans – an epidemic

9. The term “Microbiology” was coined by
Ans – Louis Pasteur

10. Tumour causing viruses are known as
Ans – Tungro viruses

Soil Science 

1. Soil pH is a measure of —>Soil acidity

2. Solonchack soil corresponds to —>Saline soil

3. Terai soils are deficient in —>Zinc

4. Crop most suitable for green manuring —>sunhemp

5. Best agricultural texture is found in —>Loamy soils

6. Father of soil testing —>M.L Troug

7. Element responsible for flocculation of soil —>Calcium

8. Clay particle size —><0.002mm

9. Kaolinite configuration is —>1:1type

10. Sesquioxides are oxides of —>Iron and aluminium

11. Natural soil aggregates are —>Peds

12. Particle size of 2mm to 7.5cm corresponds to —>Gravels

13. Purity of Gypsum —>Sulphur% Х 0.186

14. Cultivated soils have C:N ratio of —>10:1 to 12:1

15. Soil occurring highest in India —>alluvial soils

16. Partially decomposed organic matter —>Peat

17. Highly decomposed organic matter —>Muck soil

18. Father of pedology —>V V Dokuchaiv

19. Most widely occurring clay mineral —>Kaolinite

20. Ballast elements are —>Aluminium and Silica

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21. Exchange of gases in soil takes placedue to —>diffusion

22. Most dominant mineral on earths crust —>feldspars ( recent 2015 – Bridgmanite )

23. Zero tillage was first introduced by —>USA

24. The metamorphic rock Quartz is derived from —>Sand stone

25. O horizon is found only in —>Forestsoils

26. Zone of maximum leaching—>A horizon

27. Zone of maximum accumulation —>B horizon / illuvial horizon

28. Zone of least weathering and dessication —>C horizon

29. Most suitable soil for crop cultivation —>Crumby soil

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30. Analysis of sand , silt and clay content is done by —>Hydrometric method

31. Instrument used to measure Density of soil —>Pycnometer

32. For soil to exhibit plasticity —>minimum clay content of 15 %

33. Purity of color is given by —>Chroma

34. Soil color is given by —>Munsell color chart

35. ICAR has classified Indian soils into—>8 groups

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36. Black cotton soil or —>Regur

37. Limited expansion clay mineral —>vermiculate

38. Soil having no zonal differentiation—>Alluvial soil

39. Soil most suitable for plantation crops—>Laterite soils

40. Highest removal of soil particles take place by —>Sheet erosion

(Agriculture One Liner)

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