80 Agriculture One Liner For Competitive Exam

Agriculture One Liner

1. Father of Agricultural chemistry – J. V. Liebig

2. “Central soil salinity Research Institute” situated in – Karnal (Haryana)

3. Who is considered as father of soil testing – Trough

4. Law of restitution was proposed by – Liebig

5. Which horizon zone of Washing out – A (Eluvial)

6. Which horizon zone of Washing in – B (Illuvial)

7. Red soil mainly formed by which soil order – Alfisols Soils

8. Black soil mainly formed by which soil order – Vertisol soil

9. Largest Soil group is – Alluvial soil group

10. C:N ratio of micro organism – 4:1 to 9:1

11. Equivalent acidity of Anhydrous ammonia – 148meq/100gm

12. Equivalent acidity of Urea – 80-85 meq/100gm.

13. Equivalent acidity of DAP – 77meq/100 gm

14. “International potash of Institute” situated in – Switzerland (1952)

15. Red colour of soil due to – Hematite

16. Red yellow color of soil is associated with – Ferric oxide

17. Which soil warmed up quickly – Sandy soil

18. The B horizon is generally absent in which soil  – Black soil

19. Soil fertility and fertilizers was written by – Samuel L. Tisdale

20. Which micro-nutrient are non-metal element – Boron

21. Intracellular deposits of which element is known as plant opals  –

22. “Indian Society of soil science” (ISSS) established in which year – Dec.1934 (Kolkata)

23. “International soil reference and information Center” situated in –
Netherland (1966)

24. “International Union of soil science” founded in – 1924 (Australia)

25. For nitrification, the optimum pH is – 8.5

26. Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic association between Fungus & roots of higher plants.

27. VAM: Vascular Arbuscular Mycorrhyza is used as: P solubilizing in plant roots

28. Cereals are deficient in which amino acid: Lysine

29. Amino acid which is deficient in legumes: Methionine

30. Power tiller is most suitable for the cultivation of: Paddy

31. Ammonium polyphosphate contains: 15% N & 62 % P205.

32. Tz (tetrazolium) test is done for: Viability of seeds.

33. In wet nursery of rice, level of water is maintained: 5 cm

34. The optimum depth of puddling in rice is: 5 cm.

35. Ultra violet radiations are absorbed by: Ozone layer.

36. First Indian director of IARI was: Dr. B. Viswanath.

37. The most critical stage of irrigation in wheat is: CRI stage (21 days after sowing)

38. Jhuming is a practice of rice cultivation in: Eastern part of India.

39. Basic object of sustainable agriculture is: To maintain ecological balance.

40. The plants growing in salt water are known as: Halophytes.

41. Crop canopy temperature is measured by: Infra-red thermometer

42. Reclamation disease is due to deficiency of: Copper

43. Hormone related to drought tolerance is: Abscisic acid

44. Contribution of livestock in agriculture is 29.7 %

45. Hormone used as an herbicide: 2, 4-D (>20 PPM)

46. Banana initiate flowering 9-12 months after Planting

47.The notice is papaya is tropical America

48. The yellow pigment in papaya is caricaxanthin

49. Papaya is the richest source of vitamin A next to mango it contains 2020 IU 100 g fruit

50. King of temperate fruit is-Apple

51. Family of apple is Rosaceae

52. Mother of all delicious group of cultivars is-red delicious

53. The king of arid fruit is ber

54. The commercial propagation method off grape is-hard wood cutting

55. In India the black soil is mostly fond in-Maharashtra

56. Red soil is mostly found in — Tamilnadu

57. The soil which is most suitable for most crops is-sandy loam

58. Red colour in the red soils is due to presence of various oxides of irons

59. The vertical section of the soil showing the various layers from the surface to the unaffected parent material is known as-soil profile.

60. The arrangement of soil particles and their aggregate into certain defined is called-soil structure

61. Particle density of soil is also known as- true density

62. Generally the particles density of normal soil is- 2.65 gram/cm3

63. The bulk density of normal soil is- 1.33 g/cm 3

64. The formula of porosity of soil is- porosity density Particle density

65. The certain exchange capacity (CEC) of montmorillonite is- 60-100 me 100 gm

66. The first soil classification system was developed by- Russian scientist Dokuchaev (1880)

67. The U.S classification system the soil orders are — 10

68. Formula of bulk density is: wt of soil volume of solids and pores

69. Law of minimum was given by- Von Liebig (1840)

70. Top most mineral horizon is- A horizon

71. exchangeable sodium % age is also known as soluble % age

72. The term pH was introduced by Sorensen (1909)

73. Energy exchange elements are H & O.

74. K & Na is determined by Flame Photometer

75. Micro nutrient is also known as-trace element, Oligo – element or spurned elements.

76. Crop logging technique was given by- H. F. Clements

77. Metal nutrients are – K, fe, Ca, Mg, Mn, Zn, Cu.

78. Highly mobile nutrients are-N,P,K.

79. Criteria of essentiality was proposed by Arnon & Stout (1939)

80. Moderate mobile nutrient is Zn.

81. FYM contains- 0.5% N , 0.2 % P205 & 0.5 % K20

82. The P is available at 6-7 pH.

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