Agriculture Oneliner For Competitive Exam – 4

Agriculture Oneliner

✅ The profit earned by a Monopoly AG is called as – Innovation profit

✅ Production in traditional agriculture does not respond to – Price changes

✅ Ratio between nominal GNP and real GNP is called – GNP Deflator

✅ The distinction between fixed and variable costs exists only in – Short run

✅Indian Army is an example of – National wealth

✅ When the demand for the product is less elastic inelastic the consumers surplus is – High

✅ In the marginal utility schedule initial utility become – First unit

✅ When total product is increasing marginal product will be – Positive

✅ The more we have a think the desire for additional units will be – less

✅ The demand for milk sugar and tea is a case of – Joint demand

✅ The increase in quantity supplied for a commodity due to rice in price of the commodity it is called – Extension of supply

✅ The supply of land is perfectly – Limited

✅ When a great change in price of a commodity leads to no change in quantity supplied it is called – Perfectly inelastic supply

✅ The various quantities of goods purchased by the consumer at various levels of income is referred to as – Income demand

✅ The excess of income over consumption is called – Saving

✅ Capital is an instrument of production I.e. Man made

✅The line indicating all possible combinations of two communities purchased with a given outlay of funds is called – Price line

✅ The level of indifference curve from the origin agrilearner depends upon the level of – Satisfaction

✅ Quantity demand of a good which will be changed with reference to change in price of related goods are – Cross demand

✅ The point of maximum satisfaction in consuming two communities is when the slope of indifference curve is tangent to the slope of – Price line

✅Father of Extension in India – K. N. Singh

✅First agri clinic was set up at – Vapi (Gujarat) (2001)

✅First Indian agricultural census Conducted in which year – 1970-71

✅ India’s first animal census start in – 1919-20

✅Gurgaon Project (1920) was started by – Mr. F.L. Brayne

✅Etawah Pilot Project (1948) was initiated by – Albert Mayer

✅Cooperative Movement (1904) was initiated by – F. Nicholson

✅Institute of rural management is located at – Anand (Gujarat)

✅ National Agricultural Insurance scheme was started in year – 1999

✅Community Development (CDP) was started on – 2nd Oct, 1952

✅National Agricultural Research Project(NARP) was started in – 1980

✅National Agricultural Technology Project(NATP) – 1999 Project (kalpataru)

✅Magazine “Extension digest” published from – MANAGE, Hyderabad

✅Swaran Jyanti Gram Swarojgar Yojana(SGSY) – 1999

✅India’s First Biotech Crop Technology approved for commercialization in year – 2002

✅The basic unit of development under IRDP is – Family

✅ KVK is recommended by? Mohan Singh Mehta Committee and started in – Pondicherry, TNAU in 1974

✅The basic unit of rural society is Village

✅ Puppet show are included in – Audio-visual aid.

✅High Yielding Varietal Programme (HYVP) was started on – 1966-67


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