Agriculture Oneliner For Competitive Exam

Q. (1). Indian Institute of Pulses Research is located
Ans .  Kanpur

Q. (2). National Research Centre for Groundnut is located
Ans . Junagarh

Q. (3). Dual purpose breed of cow in India
Ans .  Haryana

Q. (4). Highest % of fat in Buffalo breed
Ans .  Bhadawari

Q. (5). Citrus cracking is due to
Ans .  Deficiency of boron

Q. (6). Deficiency symptom first appears on older or lower leaves
Ans . Potassium

Q. (8). Seed rate (kg/ha) of Maize is
Ans . 18-20

Q. (9). No till planter used for-
Ans .  Sowing

Q. (10). Aluminium phosphide
Ans .  Rotendicide (IBPS_2019)

Q. (11). Khapra beetle is related to
Ans .  Storage food grain pest

Q. (12). Maximum export agriculture product in India
Ans .  Onion

Q. (13). Which one is variety of onion
Ans .  Agri found

Q. (14). Maximum production and area of potato in state
Ans . Uttar Pradesh

Q. (15). Central Agriculture University is located in
Ans . Imphal

Q. (16). Most famous variety of mandarin
Ans .  Kinnow

Q. (17). Delinting of cotton is done using-
Ans .  H2SO4

Q. (18). Most popular variety of North India
Ans . Dashehari

Q. (19). Famous variety of grape in India
Ans . Thomas seedless

Q. (20). Black heart of potato is a –
Ans .  Physiological disorder

Q. (21). Reinfiltration through soil surface is called- Agrilearner
Ans .  Percolation

Q. (22). Alkali soil having pH of-
Ans .  >8.5

Q. (23). Oat production in India-
Ans .  2-3 tonnes

Q. (24). Vasantrao Naik Award is for-
Ans . Best Research in dry land Farming

Q. (25). Available water for plant growth is-
Ans . Capillary water

Q. (26). Indian Journal of Agriculture Science is published in
Ans .  Quarterly

Q. (27). Pramalini is a variety of
Ans .  Kagzi lime

Q. (28). Grape cutting time-
Ans .  Oct.-Nov.

Q. (29). Spacing of apple
Ans .  6 x 6 m

Q. (30). High density planting in banana
Ans .  1.2 x 1.2

Q. (31). murrah age at first calving ?

Ans . 36-40month (in good managment ) and 45-50 month in village

Q. (32). Dieback of citrus agrilearner occurs due to the deficiency
Ans .  Cu

Q. (33). Which statement is incorrect in relation to drip irrigation
Ans .  Low fertilizer use efficiency

Q. (34). Propping done in
Ans .  Banana

Q. (36). Which is Primary tillage implement
a. Wooden plough
b. Hand hoe
c. Disc harrowing
Ans . d. All of these

Q. (37). Egg parasitoid
Ans .  Trichogramma

Q. (38). Mango variety which is planted at the rate of 1600 plants/ha
Ans .  Amarapali

Q. (39). Apex institute for agriculture marketing in India

Q. (40). Best control method for stored grain pest
Ans .  Fumigation

Q. (41). Little leaf of litchi
Ans . Zn deficiency

Q. (42). Die back of citrus
Ans .  Cu deficiency

Q. (43). Which one is main function of AGMARK –
Ans .  Maintain quality of commodity

Q. (44). Most popular variety of tomato
Ans .  Pusa ruby

Q. (45). Leaf curl of chillies is due to-
Ans .  Thrip

Q. (46). Which variety of radish can be grown throughout the year
Ans .  Pusa himani

Q. (47). Indian journal of fertilisers is published by
Ans .  Fertilizer Association of India

Q. (48). Early maturity variety of maize is-
Ans .  Ganga safeda

Q. (49). The main storage polysaccharide in animal cells is
Ans . Glycogen

Q. (50).Space requirement of pregnat cows ?

Ans . 4 m2

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