Agriculture Oneliner PDF Part- 237 for Competitive Exam

1. Impurity percentage of seed is called as DOCKAGE

2. Organic form of sulphur CYSTEINE

3. The crown root in wheat appears BELOW SOIL SURFACE BUT ABOVE SEED

4. In citrus zig- zig leaf mines and wilting and curling of leaves is caused due to PHYLLOCNISTIS CITRELLA PEST

5. The currency note of India is made from the fiber of SUNHEMP

6. Indian dwarf wheat belongs to T. SPHEROCCUM

7. Which texture of soil cannot withstand drought and suitable for dry farming SAND

8. What is the minimum temperature for growth of rice in India 12 ℃

9. Alpine is breed of GOAT 10. What is the depth of ploughing for deep rooted crop 25-30cm

11. What is the optimum temperature for growth if wheat in India 20℃

12. Shelling percentage of groundnut is 70-75%

13. Inserting the seed through a hole at the desired depth and covering the hole is known as DIBBLING

14. What is the plant population per hectare for a long duration variety of rice crop 333000

15. In ultra-narrow row concept in cotton R-R and P-P spacing is 19 X 19

16. Water use efficiency in drip irrigation can go high as 95%

17. Which type of se4ed used for commercial multiplication CERTIFIED

18. PM Krishi sinchayi yojana was started in which year 2015

19. Which plant nutrient moves from soil to the root’s interaction mass flow and diffusion in equal proportion Zn

20. Vasantrao naik award is given by ICAR for Research application in DRYLAND AGRICULTURE

21. Progeny test is given by VILMORIN

22. Kabuli, chamatkar and udai are chickpea varieties from HARYANA

23. Quickest method of plant breeding is MUTATION BREEDING

24. Highest category of soil classification is ORDER

25. Chemical used for seed hardening for drought tolerance in cotton is SUCCINIC ACID


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