Agriculture Oneliner PDF Part- 248 for Competitive Exam

1.Common herbicide used in wheat is: 2, 4-D

2.Content of starch in maize is approximately: 70%

3.Cotton belongs to the_____ family: MALVACEAE

4. Black gram grown in summer should be seeded at ______ kg/ha: 20 – 25

5.Crop mixture have proved biologically most dynamic under: IRRIGATED CONDITION

6.Crop production and animal husbandry collectively is known as: MIXED FARMING

7.Crops during any reason are generally able to recover only _____ of the added fertilizer phosphorus: LESS THAN 25%

8.Dapog method of crop raising is associated with: NURSERY RAISING

9. Dapog method of raising seedlings is related to: PADDY

10. Dapog seedlings would be ready for transplanting within: 10-11 DAYS

11. Deficiency of nitrogen in maize causes: WHITISH- YELLOW SPOTS ON LEAVES

12. Deficiency symptoms on apical buds is due to: BO

13. Dehaulming in potato is done to obtain: QUALITY SEED TUBER

14. Delinting of cotton helps in: QUICKER GERMINATION

15. Delinting of cottonseed may be done with: SULPHURIC ACID

16. Denitrification losses of nitrogen in paddy field can be prevented by incorporating ammonical nitrogen into the: REDUCED ZONE

17. Dibbling (sowing) of wheat requires seed: 20 – 30 kg/ha

18. Dispersing agents reduce ______ between similar particles: COHESION

19. Doddar is a serious weed of : LUCERNE

20. During kharif reason sunflower takes _____ days to mature: 80 – 90

21. Dwarfing gene in rice is: DEE-GEE-WOO-GEN

22. Each unit increase in pH brings about a decrease in solubility of Fe2+ of _____ folds. : 100

23. Embryo seed dormancy is mainly found in: TEMPERATE CLIMATE SEEDS

24. Enzyme responsible for hydrolysis of urea is: INCREASE

25. Field water use efficiency is calculated by: WUE = Y/WR


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