Agriculture Oneliner PDF Part- 256 for Competitive Exam

1. Enzyme responsible for hydrolysis of urea is: INCREASE

2. Each unit increase in pH brings about a decrease in solubility of Fe2+ of _____ folds. : 100

3. Dwarfing gene in rice is: Dee – gee – woo – gen

4. During kharif reason sunflower takes _____ days to mature: 80-90

5. Doddar is a serious weed of: LUCERNE

6. Field water use efficiency is calculated by: WUE = Y/WR

7. Fertilizer requirement of castor has been recommended at ____ of N+ P2O5 + K2O kg/ha, respectively: 60 + 40 + 40

8. For each unit increase in pH, the concentration of Mn2- decreases by _____ folds: 100

9. For fibre purposes, jute crop may be harvested at my time: BEFORE FLOWERING

10. For harvest of sugarcane the brix ratio of the lower and above portion of the stem should be: 0.9 – 1.0

11. Which one of the following is the principal ‘N’ fixing algal community of blue-green algae : ANABAENA

12. Not a dicot weed : CYPRUS RUTUNDUS

13. For more effective weed control in soyabean fluchloralin should be used as: PRE-PLANT SOIL INCORPORATION

14. For mungbean the period between _____ days after sowing has been regarded as critical for weed control: 5-25

15. For raising a healthy nursery of tobacco on highly leached soils, besides other nutrients, borax are _____ g/m2 is also n recommended: 0.1-0.2

16. For spring crop of soyabean seed should be than that of kharif planting:

17. For urdbean, the suitable climate is: HOT AND HUMID

18. For wetland rice the best nitrogenous fertilizer is: CALCIUM AMMONIUM SULPHATE

19. Glutathion-s-transferase is responsible for selectivity of: TRIZAINES

20. Grain to straw ratio in most of the Mexican wheat varieties is: 1,1

21. Gravitational water is held in soil at a tension of: LESS THAN 1/3 ATMOSPHARE

22. Green manuring of sun hemp adds approximately ______ kg N/ha to the soil on decomposition: 40-60

23. Groundnut pegs when developed in the soil from: FRUITS

24. Groundnut seed normally contains protein and oil _____ percent, respectively: 25 AND 45

25. Growing more than two crops in a year in the same field is known as:


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