Agriculture Oneliner PDF Part- 257 for Competitive Exam

1. Diamond Skin disease is related to : PIG

2. What is the scientific name of horse fly : TABANIDAE

3. The score point of cow graded very good are : 85 to 90

4. In poultry true Stomach is : PROVENTRIULUS

5. In Sheep Normal arterial blood pressure is 120 – 145 : MERCURIES

6. The term used for meat of rabbit is : VENSION

7. Total number of sheep breed in India : 40

8. The most developed special sense in the birds is : SIGHET

9. Amul was founded in which year : 1946

10. What is the gestation of cow : 283

11. Which is the most potent aflatoxin: B1

12. Laminitis means that : INFLAMMATION OF LAMINAE

13. Red Candhari cattle is belongs to which state : MAHARSHTRA

14. Calf Starter is a feed for : CALF

15. The first cloned sheep ‘Dolly’ was created through which of these techniques: SOMATIC CELL TRANSFER

16. Polenske value of milk is due to : WATER- INSOLUBLE FATTY ACID

17. Lactose found in milk is a disaccharide composed of : GALACTOSE AND GLUCOSE

18. The lightest body weighed goat is : BARBARI

19. This method is carried out for the castration of male pigs : KNIFE

20. The chemical nature of Estrogen is : STEROID

21. In animals, Grass tetany is caused due to deficiency of : MAGNESIUM

22. Strip cup is used : JUST BEFORE MILKING

23. Curled toe paralysis’ in chicks is a symptom caused due to the deficiency of : RIBOFLAVIN

24. The fleshy evident mass found between the forelimbs of cows is known as : BRISKET

25. Spleenic fever is another name for : ANTHRAX


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