Agro-climatic zones of India

Agro climatic zones of India : 15

#Western_Himalayan_zone: Zone includes HP, UP hills, 3 sub-zones of J &K,Skeletal soils of cold region including podsols mountain meadow soils, hilly
brown soils, silty loam. It is composed of undulating terrain, steep slopes,prone to erosion.

#Eastern_Himalayan_zone: Arunachal, Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram,Assam, J alpaiguri and Coochbihar District of West Bengal. High rainfall and forest cover. Mostly alluvial soils are found. Shifting cultivation is practiced. Zone is prone to floods.

#Lower_gangatic_plains_zone: West Bengal, High rainfall area.

#Middle_gangatic_plains_zone: Eastern UP (12 DisĴ.), Bihar (27 DisĴ.), potential for exploitation of ground water, canals and tube wells.

#Upper_gangatic_plains_zone: Include 32 Districts of western UP.

#Trans gangatic_plains_zone: Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Chandigarh, Sriganganagar
DisĴ. of Rajasthan. Highest net sown area, irrigated, crop intensive, water utilization.

#Eastern_plateau_and_hill_zone: Eastern MP, South WB, I inland Orissa. Medium soil depth and undulating topography is the characteristic feature. Tank
and tube wells are prominent.

#Central_plateau_and hill_zone: South UP, Eastern Rajasthan, Most of MP and CG.

#Western_plateau_and_hill_zone: Major parts of Maharashtra, Parts of MP, one
district of Rajasthan. Only 12.4 per cent area is irrigated. Canal is the main source of irrigation.

#Southern_plateau_and_hill_zone: Parts of AP, Karnataka and TN (35 District ).Mostly semi-arid climate.

#East_coast_plains_and_Ghats_zone: East coast of TN, AP and Orissa. Alluvial soils and coastal sand is mainly present. Canal and tank irrigation is main source.

#West_coast_plains_and_Ghats_zone: West coast of TN, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa. Variety of soil types, rainfall pattern, cropping pattern.

#Gujarat_plains_and_hills_zone: 19 districts of Gujarat. Arid climate, well and
tube well irrigation.

#Western_zone: 9 districts of Rajasthan. Hot desert, sandy, erotic rainfall, high
Evapotranspiration, scanty vegetation, ground water level is low, brackish.
Drought is common.

#Island_zone: Andaman and Nicobar, Lakshadweep. Equatorial, more than 300
cm rainfall for 8 months. Forest zone.

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