Agrometeorology:-Needs & Scope

Study of agrometeorology helps to minimize the crop losses due to excess rainfall, cold/heat waves, cyclones etc.It helps in forecasting pests and diseases, choice of crops,
irrigation and other intercultural operations through short, medium and long-range forecasts. It helps to identify places with same climatic conditions (Agroclimatic zones).

The study of agrometeorology is needed for the following reasons:

• To study climatic resources of a given area for effective crop planning.
• To evolve weather based effective farm operations.
• To study crop weather relationships in all-important crops and forecast crop yields based     on agro climatic and spectral indices using remote sensing.
• To study the relationship between weather factors and incidence of pests and diseases of     various crops.
• To delineate climatic/agro ecological/agro climatic zones for defining agro climatic               analogues so as to make effective and fast transfer of technology for improving crop           yields.
• To prepare crop weather diagrams and crop weather calendars.
• To develop crop growth simulation models for assessing/obtaining potential yields in           different agro climatic zones.
• To monitor agricultural droughts on crop-wise for effective drought management.
• To develop weather based agro advisories to sustain crop production utilizing various           types of weather forecast and seasonal climate forecast.
• To investigate microclimatic aspects of crop canopy in order to modify them for increased     crop growth.
• To study the influence of weather on soil environment on which the crop is grown
• To investigate the influence of weather in protected environment (e.g., glass houses) for      improving their design aiming at increasing crop production.

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