Agrometeorology One Liner For Competitive exam-2

Agrometeorology One Liner

Agrometeorology One Liner

Quest.Wind pressure is measured by
Ans.Beaufort scale

Quest.Atmospheric pressure is measured by

Quest.Relative humidity (RH) is measured by

Quest.Total incoming solar radiation is measured by

Quest.Evapotranspiration is measured by

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Quest.Combination of Dry bulb and Wet bulb thermometer used for
Ans.Relative Humidity

Quest.Rainfall is measured by

Quest.Instrument used for estimating ET under field condition
Ans.Can Evaporimeter

Quest.Continuous temperature record by which instrument

Quest.Which Instrument record temperature without contact the object
Ans.Infrared thermometer

Quest.Instrument used for measuring concentration of ozone in air

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Quest.Imaginary line that represents the equal temperature

Quest.Lines of equal pressure

Quest.Lines of equal rainfall

Quest.Lines of equal cloud cover

Quest.The optimum temperature for better crop production is between
Ans.18 – 24°C

Quest.Lowest temperature in a day is observed at
Ans.Just before sunshine

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Quest.What is the dry adiabatic lapse rate in troposphere

Quest.The formulae of Relative humidity is
Ans.RH (%) =Water vapour present in the air/water vapour required for saturation*100

Quest.The monsoon covers 75% rainfall in India
Ans.Southwest monsoon

Quest.Date of onset of Monsoon in India
Ans.1st June

Quest.Date of Monsoon withdrawal in India
Ans.31st Sept.

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Quest.Average annual rainfall of India
Ans.400 Mha-m.

Quest.One particular day, if the rain received 2.5 mm or more
Ans.Rainy day

Quest.An average size of rain drop
Ans.2 mm dia

Quest.Atmospheric water is known as
Ans.Green water

Quest.Soil water is known as
Ans.Blue water

Quest.Which clouds are known as rainy clouds?
Ans.Nimbo-stratus and Cumulonimbus

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Quest.Clouds types which give the heavy and continuous precipitation

Quest.An aggregation of minute drops of water suspended in the air at higher altitude termed as

Quest.The unit used to record clouds

Quest.Cold cloud seeding is done by use of chemical
Ans.Silver iodide (AgI2)

Quest.Warm cloud seeding is done by
Ans.Sodium chloride (NaCl)

Quest.Indian Meteorological Organization (IMD) situated in
Ans.Pune (1932)

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Quest.Phenomenon of warming of eastern pacific
Ans.EI nino

Quest.Phenomenon of cooling of eastern pacific
Ans.LI nino

Quest.Which surface has least Albedo?
Ans.Moist black soil

Quest.An engine of desertification

Quest.A period of 4 consecutive weeks from May to mid October or 6 consecutive weeks during rest of the year
Ans.Agriculture drought

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Quest.Widely used index for classification of droughts
Ans.Palmer drought index

Quest.The branch of science in which, the collection and interpretation of information about a target without being in physical contact with it?
Ans.Remote Sensing

Quest.National Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA) is situated at

Quest.Medium range weather forecasting is done for
Ans.3-10 days

Quest.Forecast will help in planning cropping pattern
Ans.Long range weather

Quest.According to Planning Commission, Agro Climatic Zones in India are

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Quest.According to NBSSLUP, Agro Ecological Regions in India are

Quest.A natural warming process involving the interaction of sunlight and carbon dioxide and other gases from the atmosphere
Ans.Green house effect

Quest.Three common greenhouse gases include
Ans.Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide

Quest.Chief green house gas responsible for global warming

Quest.Which green house gas linked with rice crop?
Ans.Methane (CH4)

Quest.The gas, responsible for ozone depletion

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Quest.Which one is a substitute for CFCs

Quest.The chemicals most commonly found in acid precipitation are
Ans.Sulphuric acid and nitric acid

Quest.Normal rain water is slightly acidic with a pH of about

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