Agrometeorology One Liner For Competitive exam-1

Agrometeorology One Liner

Agrometeorology One Liner


Quest.“The study of envelope of air surrounding the planet and of the phenomenon associated with atmosphere.”

Quest.A weather condition over a given region during a longest period.

Quest.A condition of atmosphere at a given place at a given time.

Quest.Monsoon is a
Ans.Arabic word

Quest.Gaseous envelop surrounding the earth known as
Ans.Atmosphere(Agrometeorology One Liner)

Quest.The ultimate source of energy on the earth is
Ans.The sun

Quest.The mean distance between Earth and Sun
Ans.1.5 x 108 km

Quest.Temperature on the sun is around

Quest.Who discovered solar energy?
Ans.Auguste Mouchout

Quest.The radiation in the sunlight that gives us the feeling of hotness is

Quest.The radiations emitted by the sun and responsible for the cause of skin cancer
Ans.Ultra-violet(Agrometeorology One Liner)

Quest.In the atmosphere, which of the following gases account for about 99.0 % per cent by
Ans.Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide

Quest.Percentage concentration of CO2 in air and soil is
Ans.0.030%and 0.25%

Quest.An average % of solar radiation reaching to the earth

Quest.Who is the first scientist attempted to classify the climate?
Ans.De Condole (1900)

Quest.Koppen and Thornthwaite classified the climate on the basis of
Ans.Annual Rainfall and annual Evaporation(Agrometeorology One Liner)

Quest.Troll classified the climate on the basis of
Ans.Humid month and temperature

Quest.The instrument able to record almost all meteorological data by desired interval at anytime and any place
Ans.Automatic weather station

Quest.The value of solar constant is
Ans.1.94 cal/cm2/min

Quest.A certain part of energy received from the sun, is reflected back to space by the earth known as?

Quest.The structure of atmosphere is divided on the basis of
Ans.Vertical temperature difference(Agrometeorology One Liner)

Quest.All weather phenomena (i.e. Rain, fog, frost, clouds) occur in the zone of

Quest.Closest and Densest layer of atmosphere
Ans.Troposphere (8-18 km height)

Quest.Ozone layer is present in
Ans.Stratosphere zone (20-48 km)

Quest.The coldest region of the atmosphere

Quest.Radio transmission found in
Ans.Ionosphere zone(Agrometeorology One Liner)

Quest.Gas less zone is
Ans.Thermosphere (>80 km height)

Quest.Blue colour of the sky and red colour of sunset is due to

Quest.What is the wavelength of visible solar radiation?
Ans.0.39-0.7 nm

Quest.Wavelength longer than __ m/μ is not visible to the eye, and are called infrared

Quest.The weight of the carbon of air at any given place and time.
Ans.Atmospheric pressure(Agrometeorology One Liner)

Quest.The mean sea level pressure is
Ans.1013.25 milibars

Quest.What is wind?
Ans.Air blowing at a point.

Quest.North of the equator, surface winds are known as
Ans.Northeast trade winds

Quest.Wind direction is determined with the help of instrument
Ans.Wind vane

Quest.Wind turbines uses
Ans.Kinetic energy(Agrometeorology One Liner)

Quest.Heat flow in solid/soil takes place mainly through the process of

Quest.Heat flow in liquid/water by process of

Quest.Heat flow in air by process of

Quest.Evaporation is measured by

(Agrometeorology One Liner)

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