Agronomy Oneliner PDF for Competitive Exam – 3

1. Important nutrient of potato is – NITROGEN

2. Botanical name of potato is – SOLANUM-TUBEROSUM

3. Type of fruit of potato is – BERRY

4. Optimum temperature for tuber growth – 20 ℃

5. potato is also known as – POOR MAN’S FRIEND

6. Green colour of potato is due to – SOLANINE

7. Indian potato research is present in – SHIMLA

8. “True potato seed “was developed by – DR. RAMANUJAN

9. The best method of irrigation for potato – FURROW METHOD

10. Inflorescence of potato is – RACIMOSE

11. Tubers appear green colour due to – ANTHOCYANIN

12. In potato tubers represent – UNDERGROUND STEMS

13. Tuber growth occurs at – 60-80 (DAP)

14. When is dehaulming done in potato – 10-12 DAYS BEFORE HARVESTING

15. Serious disease of potato is – LATE BLIGHT

16. Potato is susceptible to – TUBERS

17. Which fertilizer is NOT suitable for potato – KCl

18. Critical stage for irrigation in potato is – TUBER FORMATION

19. World production of tobacco is M tonnes – 7.07

20. Production of tobacco in India is m tonnes – 0.54

21. Tobacco variety suitable for cigar and binder making in Tamil Nadu is –

22. Recommended dose of potash for chewing tobacco is  kg/ha –  50

23. Spacing recommended for chewing tobacco is – 75 x 75 cm

24. Scientific name of tobacco- NICOTIANATABACUM

25. The stimulant alkaloid present in tobacco is – NICOTINE


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