Agronomy Oneliner PDF for Competitive Exam – 4

Agronomy Oneliner

1. Blind tillage refers to Hoeing before germination

2. The normal form of plant is maintained by Water

3. Process of loosening for separating fibres from plant is known as Retting

4. True density of most mineral soils is usually 2.65 g/ cm3

5. Nitrogen fixation in soil by Rhizobium is increased by P

6. Dropsy disease in human beings is caused by which weed? Argemone Mexicana

7. Which country is the place of origin of sunflower? Southern United State and Mexico

8. How many agro dimitic zones are categorized in India? 15

9. Finger leaf disease in cotton is caused due to residual effect of which chemical? 2,4- D

10. The panicle initiation stage in rice plants comes– After maximum tillering stage

11. The first GM potato developed at CPR I for increasing protein content in tubers consist of genes from – Grain amaranthus 

12. Cultivation of durum wheat is primarily confined to Central and Southern India- Grain amaranthus

13. Normally C: N: S ratio of soil is –100: 10: 1

14. Which one is the recommended optimum plant population for maize- 66,000 plants

15. Non selective herbicide? Paraquat

16. Long term persistent herbicide is 2,4 – D

17. Which gas is released from paddy fields? CH4

18. CO2 content in soil air is 0.25%

19. Opaque-2 maize composites are richer as compared to normal maize in Lysine

20. Flint corn is commonly grown in India is also known as– Zea mays indurata

21. The most suitable temperature for maize growth is– 32°C

22. Most common herbicide used in maize is– Simazine

23. Which cereal is non tillering in nature? Maize

24. Who introduced the technique of production of? double cross hybrid maize
DF Jones

25. Jowar is primarily a native of being obtained by using a seed rate of (kg)
Africa ha


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