Agronomy Oneliner PDF for Competitive Exam

1. Apical bud dominance is caused by due to – Auxin hormone

2. Ring worm disease is caused by- Fungus

3. 0.1% solution in 500literes of water is – 500ml

4. Bioclimatic low was proposed by – Hopkins

5. Crop which has highest k+ up take – Potato

6. Depth of water required by a crop is known as – Delta

7. National seed Act was passed in – 1966

8. Mass per unit volume is called-  Bulk density

9. First man made cereal is –  Triticale

10. Cheapest N contains fertilizer is – Urea

11. First product of urea – hydrolysis Ammonium

12. Maximum permissible limit of biuret in urea is – 1.5%

13. Bio fertilizer used in wheat is – Azotobacter

14. Vertical mulch is used in sorghum and grasses is – Azospirillum

15. The optimum spacing for wheat is – 22.5(line to line)

16. In SSP sulphur contains – 12%

17. Indian mustard in known as-  Brassica juncea

18. Most prominent soil group of Indian soil – Alluvial soil

19. Which macro nutrient mostly deficient in Indian soil – Nitrogen

20. Apical bud dominance is caused by due to – Auxin hormone

21. Seed rate of sorghum is-  9-12kg/ha

22. Soil moisture tension directly measured by – Tensiometer

23. Evapo-transpiration measured by – Lysimeter

24. Post-harvest losses in cereals accounts for –10%

25. Carbon dating technique is used to determine age of  – Fossils


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