All About Culture Fishery

Culture Fishery

The culture fishery may defined as the places of confined freshwater areas from where the fishes are not only captured but also rearing and breeding of fishes have been done in these places. These culture fishery is being done in ponds, the scientific basis of rearing, breeding and also the transport of fishes have been done and in real sense this is regarded as the fishery.

Culture fishery –

Fishery that based on the culture of that respective aquatic animal under the confined environment.
This kind of fishery is only possible for those fishes which are having well developed breeding & hatchery technology.
Eg: Culture of Shrimp in pond

Capture fishery –

Capturing of aquatic animals (both fin fish and shell fish) from the natural water bodies like Sea, River, Lake, Pond, Estuary etc.. for our food/ornamental and other purposes.
Human beings does not have any control over the breeding, spawning and recruitment of young ones to the fishery. Eg: Capture of Tuna from the sea

Capture based Culture fishery –

It is a mixture of both culture and capture fishery; Initially the young ones were collected from the natural water bodies and then cultured in the controlled environment before the harvesting.
Eg: Small Lobster/Crab (water crab) were collected from the sea and then fattened in the controlled environment.

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