Animal Husbandry One Liner For Competitive Exam

Animal Husbandry One Liner

The only source of animal protein in vegetarian diet is? – Milk

What is the total Livestock population in India is? – 512.05 million

Per capita availability of milk in India is? – 375 gram current

Which is the heaviest breed of cow is? – Kankrej

Which is the highest milk fat producer buffalo breed is? – Bhadawari

Which breed of buffalo is famous by name ‘Panchkalyani’ is? – Niliravi

In young bull, deficiency of Vitamin-A may lead to? – Night blindness

pH of excellent Silage is? – 3.5 to 4.2

What percent of dry matter present in wheat bhusa is? – 90%

In cows first ring on horn appears at the age of? – 3 years

Best method of age determination in Cattle is? – Dental formula

By Score card method maximum number is given on? – Udder development

Maximum egg producing breed of poultry is? – White leghorn

Calf starter must contain? – 20-23% DCP & 70-75% TDN

Egg producing bird is called as? – Layer

The life span of goat is? – 12 years

The buck is best for stud ( ) purpose at? – 2.5 years

In goats, time of matting or insemination after onset of heat is? – 10-12 hrs

Sheep breed reared only for meat production is? – Nellore

The Pashmina is obtained from? – Chegu

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