Animal Husbandry Question Answer For Competitive Exam

Animal Husbandry

  • Naked neck is? – Indian chicken breed
  • Which breed is for game purpose? – Aseel
  • What is the body temperature of hen? – 107°F
  • Calving interval in cows should not be more than? – 16-17 months
  • Which medicine is used for naval treatment? – Tincture Iodine
  • In which direction cattle shed should be? – North to South
  • Inbreeding or line breeding decreases? – Variation
  • Crossbreeding increases? – Production Hybrid vigour Body weight
  • Mating among unrelated pure breed animals within the breed is called? – Out crossing
  • In order to keep female calves growing Properly we must separate bull calves at? – 6 months age
  • How much space is required for egg poultry is? – 2sq.ft
  • Starter feed contains maximum of? – Protein
  • Most dangerous disease of chicken is? – Ranikhet
  • Which disease spread through virus in cattle is? – Foot and Mouth disease
  • Anthrax is caused by? – Bacteria
  • Severe bloat is removed by tools? – Trocar cannula
  • Which is the best method of milking? – Full hand method
  • What is the boiling point of milk (in Celsius) is? – >100
  • Which factors affects the composition of milk is? – Species, Breeds Feeds
  • Which harmon helps in let down of milk? – Oxytocin

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