Barley Oneliner PDF for Competitive Exam

1. Malt prepared by : Barley

2. Carbohydrate content in barley is : 74%

3. Salt resistant variety of barley is :  Ratna

4. Ranjit,Vijya,Ratna are varieties related to Barley

5. Mutant variety of barley is : Himani

6. Chromosome number in Hordeum vulgare is : 2n=14

7. Irrigated barley sown in October

8. Two row barley variety is : Clipper

9. Best sowing time for barley is : October -November

10. For rainfed condition, the seed rate required for barley crop is : 80-100kg/ha

11. Seed rate of barley required for irrigated condition is : 75kg/ha

12. The grain of barley is known as : Caryopsis

13. The inflorescence of barley is called as : Head/spike

14. Scientific name of six row barley is : Hordeum vulgare

15. Sattu is prepared by Barley

16. Family of barley is : Poaceae

17. Native place of barley : South-East Asia

18. Protein percentage of barley : 11.5%

19. Carbohydrate percentage of barley : 69.6%

20. Fat percentage of barley : 1.3%

21. Huskless variety of barley : Dolma

22. Variety suitable for malting and brewing : Vijay

23. Variety suitable for both fodder and grain : Kedar

24. The barley flour does not contain : Gluten

25. Protein content in barley the form of  : Albuminoids


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