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Cash Crop One Liner


Quest.Cotton is popular in America as
Ans.White gold

Quest.Indian/old world cottons are
Ans.Gossipium arborium, G. herbacium

Quest.American/new world cotton is
Ans.G. hirsutum

Quest.Egyptian cotton/sea island cotton is
Ans.G. barbadence

Quest.The best soil for cultivation of cotton
Ans.Black cotton soil(Cash Crop One Liner)

Quest.The fibre colour of American cotton
Ans.Creamy White

Quest.The percent of lint in seed cotton is

Quest.Interspecific varieties of cotton
Ans.Varalaxmi, DCH-32 (hybrid), HB-224, DHB-105

Quest.Intraspecific varieties of cotton
Ans.H-4, 6, Savita, Surya (hybrid), JKHY-1

Quest.Minimum Support Price is fixed by govt. for cotton varieties of
Ans.H-4, H 777, F 414(Cash Crop One Liner)

Quest.G-777 is a
Ans.Indian cotton variety

Quest.Nitrogenous fertilizer can be top dressed in the cotton up to
Ans.First flowering

Quest.The chemical used for delinting of cotton

Quest.Which part of the cotton plant contains lint and fuzz?

Quest.1 bale of cotton is equal to
Ans.170 kg(Cash Crop One Liner)

Quest.The average wt. of Very fine fibre
Ans.< 3.0 mg

Quest.If the fiber length of a cotton hybrid variety is 25 mm, it classified under
Ans.Long staple cotton

Quest.Less number of knots in cotton is termed as
Ans.Superior quality cotton

Quest.Fibre of cotton contains

Quest.Bt cotton is resistant against the pest
Ans.Helicoverpa (Spotted bollworm)(Cash Crop One Liner)


Quest.The botanical name of white jute
Ans.Corchorus capsularis

Quest.Jute crop is planted in the month of

Quest.The seed rate of jute per ha
Ans.8-10 kg/ha

Quest.Bitterness in jute is due to

Quest.Low quality of jute fibre attributed to
Ans.Discolouration of fibre(Cash Crop One Liner)

Quest.The most common varieties of jute are
Ans. JRC-321 (Sonali), JRC-212 (Sabuj sona), JRC 7447 (Shyamli), Hybrid C (Padma),KC1 (Joydev) etc.

Quest.Ideal stage of jute harvesting for fibre purpose
Ans.Small pod stage/initiation of pod formation (135-140 DAS)

Quest.Retting of jute fibre is a
Ans.Biochemical process


Quest.The botanical name of tropical cane
Ans.Saccharum officinarum

Quest.Saccharum barberi and Saccharum sinensis are termed as
Ans.Indian cane(Cash Crop One Liner)

Quest.Leading state of India in sugarcane production is
Ans.U.P. (45%of total Prodtn.)

Quest.Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research (IISR) is situated at
Ans.Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Quest.Sugarcane Breeding Institute (SBI) is situated at
Ans.Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Quest.Optimum temperature for sugarcane growth

Quest.Inflorescence of sugarcane is called as
Ans.Arrow(Cash Crop One Liner)

Quest.The permanent type root of sugarcane is
Ans.Shoot roots

Quest.Adsali sugarcane crop planted during the months

Quest.The requirement of 3 budded sett rate for planting in one hectare land is
Ans.35,000-40,000 setts

Quest.Planting material used for sugarcane planting is
Ans.Upper 1/3 to half part of cane

Quest.Flat bed method of sugarcane planting is most common in
Ans.North India(Cash Crop One Liner)

Quest.Ridge and furrow method is mostly used in
Ans.South India

Quest.The chemicals used for sett treatment of sugarcane
Ans.Agallal and Areton

Quest.The most critical stage of sugarcane for irrigation is
Ans.Formative stage (60-130 days after planting)

Quest.Which bacterium is used for nitrogen fixation in sugarcane field?
Ans.Acetobactor diazotrophicus

Quest.Varieties of sugarcane termed as “Wonder cane”
Ans.COC-671 and CO-419(Cash Crop One Liner)

Quest.Earthing up in sugarcane is done at
Ans.4 month after planting

Quest.Most commonly used herbicides in sugarcane are
Ans.Simazine, Atrazine and Alachlor

Quest.A method of plant analysis for assessing nutrient requirement in sugarcane is
Ans.Crop Logging

Quest.Nutrient, responsible for translocation of sugar in sugarcane
Ans.Potassium (K)

Quest.The most common symptoms to judge the maturity of sugarcane are
Ans.Cane become brittle, produces metallic sound and breaks easily at nodes.(Cash Crop One Liner)

Quest.Sugarcane is considered as mature, when Brix reading is between

Quest.Brix reading of juice indicates
Ans.Total soluble solids

Quest.Sugar yield from sugarcane is
Ans.6-10%from juice

Quest.The sugar content/recovery is more in the cane produced at
Ans.Southern India

Quest.By-product of S’cane
Ans.Molllasses and Baggasses(Cash Crop One Liner)

Quest.The most dangers disease of sugarcane is
Ans.Red rot disease


Quest.Berseem is also known as
Ans.Egyptian clover

Quest.The botanical name of berseem is
Ans.Trifolium alexandrinum

Quest.Sowing of berseem crop is done by

Quest.The seed rate of berseem is
Ans.25-30 kg/ha(Cash Crop One Liner)

Quest.Seed treatment of berseem seed is done by
Ans.Rhizobium trifolium culture

Quest.First cutting in berseem is done at
Ans.50-55 days after sowing

Quest.The popular varieties of berseem
Ans.Vardan, chindwara, BL-1, 11, 22, 52, C-10 (Maskavi), IGFRI 99-1

Quest.The objectionable weed of berseem is
Ans.Kasini (Chicorium intybus)

Quest.Forage yield of berseem crop is
Ans.800 – 1000 qt/ha


Quest.The botanical name of lucerne is
Ans.Medicago sativa

Quest.The seed rate of lucerne is
Ans.20-25 kg/ha

Quest.Seed treatment of lucerne seeds is done by
Ans.Rhizobium meliloti culture

Quest.Stem parasitic weed of lucerne is
Ans.Cuscuta reflexa (Doddar)

Quest.The popular varieties of lucerne
Ans.Moopa, Rambler, Anand-2, 3, Sirsa 1, 8, 9, Type – 8,9, IGFRI-5,54,244(Cash Crop One Liner)

Quest.Forage yield of berseem crop is
Ans.800 – 1100 qt/ha

Quest.The physiological disorder “Lucerne yellowing” is cause due to the deficiency of
Ans.Boron (B)


Quest.The botanical name of oat crop is
Ans.Avena sativa

Quest.The seed rate of oat crop is
Ans.80 -90 kg/ha

Quest.Recommended NPK dose for oat
Ans.80:30:20 kg/ha(Cash Crop One Liner)

Quest.Best stage for harvesting of oat is
Ans.Dough stage

Quest.The popular varieties of oat are
Ans.Kent, Algerian, UPO 50, Craig, Afterlee, Fulgham, Fleming gold, HFO-114.

Quest.Total number of cutting taken in oat crop are
Ans.2-3 cuttings

Quest.Forage yield of oat crop is
Ans.400 – 450 qt/ha(Cash Crop One Liner)


Quest.The botanical name of potato is
Ans.Solanum tuberosum

Quest.The origin place of potato is
Ans.South America (Peru)

Quest.The solanin content present in potato is
Ans.5 mg/100 gm of potato

Quest.Protein content in potato is

Quest.Potato is an
Ans.Underground stem(Cash Crop One Liner)

Quest.Potato crop requires an average temperature for tuberization is of

Quest.Potato crop favours the soil for best growth
Ans.Sandy loam soil

Quest.Tuber for selected for potato sowing should have
Ans.At least 3 buds, 2.5-3 cm diameter with 25-30 gm weight.

Quest.To break the tuber dormancy, the tuber should be treated with
Ans.1%thiourea + 1 ppm GA3 for 1 hour

Quest.The normal seed rate of potato for one hectare land is
Ans.20-25 qt/ha(Cash Crop One Liner)

Quest.True potato seed (TPS) enough for planting one ha. crop.
Ans.40-45 gm

Quest.The most popular method for potato planting is
Ans.Ridge and Furrow

Quest.Earthing-up in potato is done at
Ans.30 – 45 DAS

Quest.The short duration varieties of potato is
Ans.Kufri alankar, Kufri chandramukhi, Kufri bahar, Kufri Jyoti etc.

Quest.The varieties suitable for late planting of potato is
Ans.Kufri sinduri, Kufri dewa, Kufri jeevan etc.(Cash Crop One Liner)

Quest.Most critical stage for irrigation in potato is
Ans.25%tuber formation stage

Quest.Dehulming of potato is used to
Ans.Obtain quality seed tuber by using the chemical CuSO4

Quest.Seed plot technique (SPT) in potato is used for
Ans.Producing virus free seed tubers

Quest.Special size (superior grade tubers) of potato should have
Ans.8 cm diameter

Quest.Potato tubers should be stored in ventilated closed room with maintenance of
Ans.4-50C temperature and 90-95%RH(Cash Crop One Liner)


Quest.The botanical name of tobacco is
Ans.Nicotiana tabacum

Quest.Nicotiana tabacum is growing for the purpose of
Ans.Smoking and chewing

Quest.Nicotiana rustica is growing for the purpose of
Ans.Hookah, chewing and snuff

Quest.Transplanting age of tobacco is
Ans.7 to 9 weeks (4-5 leaf stage)

Quest.Nicotine content (%) of tobacco is
Ans.0.5 to 5.5 (N. tabacum) and 3.5 to 8.0 (N. rustica)(Cash Crop One Liner)

Quest.Cigarette tobacco is prominent growing in states of
Ans.Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka

Quest.The seed rate of tobacco is
Ans.2.5 to 3.0 kg/ha

Quest.Mutant varieties of tobacco are
Ans.Jayashri, Bhavya

Quest.Most critical stages for irrigation of tobacco is

Quest.As a source of N, potato crop require fertilizer of
Ans.Potassium nitrate(Cash Crop One Liner)

Quest.Desuckering of tobacco is done by
Ans.Melaic Hydracids (2%)

Quest.Priming method of harvesting is popular in
Ans.Cigarette, Wrapper and Chewing type

Quest.Flue curing is done for
Ans.Cigarette tobacco

Quest.Fire curing is done for
Ans.Bidi, Snuff, Chewing, Hookah tobacco

Quest.Nicotine content accumulates in which part of tobacco?

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