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Weather and Climate

In Climatology, the terms “Weather” and “Climate” have different connotations. Weather refers to the state of atmosphere at any give time denoting the short-term variations of atmosphere in terms of temperature, pressure, wind, moisture cloudiness, precipitation and visibility. It is highly variable, constantly changing, sometimes from hour to hour and …

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Agrometeorology:-Needs & Scope

Study of agrometeorology helps to minimize the crop losses due to excess rainfall, cold/heat waves, cyclones etc.It helps in forecasting pests and diseases, choice of crops, irrigation and other intercultural operations through short, medium and long-range forecasts. It helps to identify places with same climatic conditions (Agroclimatic zones). The study …

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Agri. Meteorology:- Importance

The word ‘Agrometeorology’ is the abbreviated form of agricultural meteorology to study the interaction between meteorological and hydrological factors on the one hand and agriculture in the widest sense, including horticulture, animal husbandry and forestry on the other (WMO). Agrometeorology deals with the behaviour of the weather elements, which have …

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Agricultural Meteorology-An Introduction

Meteorology is derived from a Greek word “Meteoro” means ‘above the earth’s surface’ (atmosphere) and “logy” means “indicating science”. It is a branch of physics dealing with atmosphere and it is often quoted as the “Physics of the lower atmosphere”. It studies the individual phenomenon of the atmosphere. In other …

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