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Basics Of Agriculture Pdf Download Important For NABARD,IRMA,IBPS SO,JRF,SRF,ARS & Other Competitive Exams

Basics Of Agriculture Pdf Download

Topics Covered In Basics Agriculture Pdf Download Basics Agriculture Pdf Download Introduction  BRANCHES OF AGRICULTURE  Basics Agriculture Pdf Download IMPORTANT CHRONOLOGICAL EVENTS IN AGRICULTURE IMPORTANT AGRICULTURE RESEARCH INSTITUTE SOME CURRENT STATISTICS AGROCLIMATIC ZONES (ACZ) Classification of ACZ by Planning Commission  ICAR – CLASSIFICATION Agro ecological Zones of India (AEZ) Crop Classification …

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TOPIC Of Drip Irrigation fertigation : Drip Irrigation fertigation 1. DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEM 2. COMPONENTS AND ITS SELECTION FOR A TYPICAL DRIP IRRIGATION LAYOUT 3. HEAD EQUIPMENTS 4. DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM 5. Distribution Network 6. Online Pressure Compensating drippers 7. Online Non-Pressure Compensating drippers 8. In-Line Drippers or Inline tubes 9. INSTALLATION, OPERATION OF DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEM 10. CONNECTING MAINS AND …

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Role of woman in agriculture

India has a national tradition bound to agriculture fertility. In the North, the Indus valley and  Brahmaputra region are critical agricultural areas graced by the Ganges and monsoon season. Based on 2011 World Bank data, only 17.5% of India’s gross domestic product(GDP) is accounted for by agricultural production.Yet for a majority of the country, an estimated …

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Fertilizer Book Pdf Download

1. Complex fertilizers 2. Nitro phosphates 3. Ammonium Phosphate 4. Polyphosphate based fertilizers 5. Diammonium phosphate 6. Classification of fertilizers – N, P and K fertilizers 7. Mixed fertilizers – sources – preparations- their compatibility – advantages 8. Changes that occur while manufacturing mixed fertilizer 9. Segregation 10. Manufacturing process 11. Nitrogenous fertilizers – sources – fundamental processes involved in manufacturing …

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Bio-Fertilizer Book Pdf Download

TOPIC : BIO-FERTILIZERS N2 fixers 3. Phosphorus solubilizers 4. P mobilizers 5. Importance of Biofertilizers 6. Rhizobium 7. Cross inoculation group (CGI) 8. Description and characteristics OF Bio- fertilizer 9. Azotobacter 10. Azospirillum 11. Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus 12. Azorhizobium 13. Algal Biofertilizers 14. Cyanobacteria 15. The main taxa of N2 fixing cyanobacteria 16. Contributions of algal biofertilizer 17. Phosphobacteria and Mycorrhizae 18. Phosphate solubilising Microorganisms 19. Mycorrhizae 20. Ectomycorrhiza …

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