Advantages and Disadvantages of Weeds

Advantages of Weeds Listed are a few Advantages of Weeds 1.Few Weeds are edible and have medicinal properties: Some weeds, such as Pathari, Math, and Ghol, are leafy vegetables that are mainly edible, and others, such as Gumma (used to treat snake bites) and oil of pivala dhotra (used to treat skin diseases), have medicinal …

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Cropping System For Competitive Exam

The term cropping system refers to the crops and crop sequences and the management techniques used on a particular field over a period of years. Long-term cropping systems research projects generally involve a team of scientists of different disciplines working together to answer questions and solve problems. Dryland cropping is practiced in many diverse agro-climates in the …

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Nutrition In Plant

Nutrient uptake by plants(Nutrition In Plant) The nutrient uptake refers to the process of nutrient movement from an external environment into a plant. It is one of the fundamental demonstrations of plant’s life which involves especially a qualitative change where an abiotic material becomes a component of a cell capable of further assimilation processes, resulting in production of new …

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Soil and Water Management Oneliner For Competitive Exam

Water Management Oneliner

✅American society of Agronomy was founded as early as 1907. ✅Agronomy is essentially an applied science. ✅Basic sciences are those which reveal the facts or secrets of nature and comprise subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, Economics, etc. ✅Applied sciences are those in which the theories and laws propounded in basic sciences are applied …

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Terms Related To Multiple Cropping

Multiple Cropping

1) Multiple Cropping : The intensification of cropping in temporal and spatial dimensions, growing two or more crops on the same field in one year. 2) Sequential cropping: Growing two or more crops is sequence on the same field per year, the succeeding crop is planted after the preceding crop is harvested, crop intensification is …

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crop density and geometry

crop density

Crop density The number of individuals of a given species that exist inside a specific sample unit or research area is described as density in plant ecology. The plant population or plant density in a cropped field is the number of plants per unit area. Optimum plant population It’s the amount of plants needed to …

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