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a. Drip irrigation system Or trickle irrigation is one of the latest and modern methods of irrigation. It is suitable for water scarcity and salt affected soils. Water is applied in the root zone of the crop. Standard water quality test needed for design and operation of drip irrigation system. …

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Mrethods of irrigation:- 1. Surface 2. Sub-surface 3. Pressurized irrigation Criteria for selection of irrigation method • Water supply source • Topography • Quantity of water to be applied • The crop • Method of cultivation Surface irrigation methods Oldest (4000 years back) and most common method. 90% of world’s …

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CULTIVATION Cultivation practices taken up after sowing of crop is called inter-cultivation. It is otherwise called as after operation. There are three important after cultivation processes viz., Thinning and gap filling, weeding and hoeing and earthing up. 1. Thinning and Gap filling The objective of thinning and gap filling process …

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Factors affecting crop production

I. Internal factors (Genetic factors) The increase in crop yields and other desirable characters are related to Genetic make up of plants. • High yielding ability • Early maturity • Resistance to lodging • Drought flood and salinity tolerance • Tolerance to insect pests and diseases • Chemical composition of …

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Crops- Classification

CROPS In general, crop is an organism grown and / or harvested for obtaining yield. Agronomically, crop is a plant cultivated for economic purpose. Classification of crops Classification is done to generalize similar crop plants as a class for better understanding of them. Classification types used in crops 1. Based …

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Soil Moisture Retention and Movement

The moisture content of a sample of soil is usually defined as the amount of water lost when dried at 1050C, expressed either as the weight of water per unit weight of dry soil or as the volume of water pr unit volume of bulk soil. Although useful, such information …

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