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Infiltration:-Movement of water into soils

The movement of water from the surface into the soil is called infiltration. The infiltration characteristics of the soil are one of the dominant variables influencing irrigation. Infiltration rate is the soil characteristic determining the maximum rate at which water can enter the soil under specific conditions, including the presence …

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Water Relations of Soil & Types of water

 WATER RELATIONS OF SOIL The mineral and organic compounds of soil from a solid (though not rigid) matrix, the interstices of which consists of irregularly shaped pores with a geometry defined by the boundaries of the matrix . The pore space, in general, is filled partly with soil air and …

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Plants and any from of living organisms cannot live without water, since water is the most important constituent about 80 to 90% of most plant cell. Role of water in crop and crop production can be grouped as A) Physiological importance • The plant system itself contains about 90% of …

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Irrigation has been practiced since time immemorial, nobody knows when it was started but evidences say that it is the foundation for all civilization since great civilization were started in the river basins of Sind and Nile. This civilization came to an end when the irrigation system failed to maintain …

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Characteristic features of Indian rainfall

 Annual Average rainfall is 1190 mm There is wide variation in the quantity of rainfall received from place to place. Highly erratic, undependable, variation in seasonal rainfall either in excess or deficit are the nature of Indian rainfall. For example a place in Rajasthan receives practically nil rainfall at the …

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Sources of water

Rainfall is the ultimate source of all kind of water. Based on its sources of availability it can be classified as surface water and subsurface water. Surface water includes precipitation (including rainfall and dew) water available from river, tank, pond; Lake Etc., Besides, snowfall could able to contribute some quantity …

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