Different type of milk and It’s Properties

type of milk

Water, fat, protein, sugar (lactose), minerals, vitamins, and enzymes make up milk, which is a complex biological fluid with seven primary components. It’s a clear, white fluid with fat in the form of an emulsion, protein and some mineral particles in colloidal suspension, and lactose in real solution with minerals and soluble proteins. Milk’s opacity …

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Poultry House in detail

Poultry House

NEED FOR POULTRY HOUSE(Poultry House) =>To safeguard birds from harsh weather conditions => To ensure a simple and cost-effective operation =>To guarantee that scientific feeding takes place in a controlled environment. => To make correct microclimatic conditions in the presence of birds easier to achieve. => To ensure that disease control methods are successful. =>To …

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Chemical Composition Of Animal Food for Competitive Exam

The animals associated with man cover the spectrum from herbivores, the plant eaters (ruminants, horses and small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs); omnivores, which eat all types of foods (pigs and poultry); to carnivores, which eat chiefly meat (dogs and cats). Under the control of man these major classes of animal still pertain, …

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Management and Care of new born calf and heifers.


Care and management of new born calf and heifers. Remove the mucus from the nose and mouth and clean it. If the calf does not start breathing, artificial respiration should be used by pressing and relaxing alternatively, the chest walls with hands. Another method is to hold the calf by the rear legs and lift …

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Diseases Of Poultry, prevention and management


Diseases Of Poultry Poultry can be affected by a variety of diseases and parasites. Disease of poultry include coryza, chronic respiratory disease,  infectious laryngotracheitis, lice and mite infestations, chlamydiosis, blackhead and internal parasites.A strict hygiene program is required to keep diseases out of poultry. Some diseases are controlled by vaccination or medication strategies. There are four main types …

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